Thursday, March 7, 2013

Billy Taylor - Impromptu

Dr. Billy Taylor has done a lot for jazz as an educator, promoter, and performer, but far too many of his releases from the 1950s and 1960s, such as this date for Mercury, remain out of print. The talented pianist is joined by the very strong rhythm section of Jim Hall, Bob Cranshaw, and Walter Perkins on this 1962 release, which focuses exclusively on his original compositions. Several of these songs have remained in his repertoire and have been recorded again in the decades that followed, including "Capricious," "Paraphrase," and "At la Carousel." The high point, though, is the tense up-tempo "Don't Gon't Down South," written during the turbulent battle for civil rights, which features fine solos by both the leader and Hall. This 1962 LP will be fairly tough to acquire.
Ken Dryden

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Billy Taylor
(Japanese import)


1 Capricious 2:20
2 Impromptu 9:35
3 Don't Go Down South 3:47
4 Muffle Guffle 4:48
5 Free and Oozy 6:27
6 Paraphrase 4:48
7 Empty Ballroom (Une Salle de bal vide) 4:20
8 At la Carousel 6:08

All Compositions by Billy Taylor

Billy Taylor - p
Jim Hall - g
Bob Cranshaw - b
Walter Perkins - dr

Recorded at Nola Penthouse Studios, New York ; May 8, 9 & 10, 1962


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