Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tiny Grimes & Coleman Hawkins

Strange as it seems, after over 35 years on the scene, Hawkins seemed to discover the blues in 1958. A harmonic wizard who enjoyed improvising over the most complex chord changes, he finally dug into the blues around this period and learned to emphasize extroverted emotions. This LP finds him jamming joyously on two standards and four blues (including "Marchin' Along") with a sextet that also prominently features guitarist Tiny Grimes.
Scott Yanow

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Tiny Grimes
Coleman Hawkins
Blues Groove


1 Marchin' Along (Grimes) 17:37
2 A Smooth One (Goodman) 5:55
3 Blues Wail (Grimes) 6:45
4 April in Paris (Duke, Harburg) 6:45
5 Soul Station (Grimes) 7:48

Tiny Grimes - g
Coleman Hawkins - ts
Musa Kaleem - fl
Ray Bryant - p
Earl Wormack - b
Teagle Fleming, JR - dr

Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey ; February 28, 1958.


alfredlion said...

Great great album. I have all the Tiny Grimes OJC releases and they are all beautiful examples of the Mainstream sound of small-band swing. Its so nice to hear Tiny Grimes really stretching out. He plays a hell of a lot on his 4 string guitar. The first track is a blues masterpiece imho.
Thanks for all your generosity and hard work on the site

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