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The Ronnell Bright Trio - Complete Recordings (1956-1958)

A talented pianist who made an impact at a young age, Ronnel Bright has had compositions recorded by Sarah Vaughan, Cal Tjader, Horace Silver and Blue Mitchell, and collaborated with lyricist Johnny Mercer. He won a piano competition at nine and played with The Chicago Youth Piano Symphony Orchestra in 1944. Bright attended Juilliard and graduated in the early '50s, playing his first jazz dates with a navy band He later worked in Chicago with bassist Johnny Tate and was Carmen McRae's accompanist in the mid-'50s. Bright moved to New York in 1955, then performed and recorded with Rolf Kuhn and formed his own trio in 1957. He played in Dizzy Gillespie's big band in 1957 and 1958, and was accompanist and conductor for Vaughan, Lena Horne and Gloria Lynne at various times during the late '50s and early '60s. He became Nancy Wilson's arranger, conductor, pianist and music director in 1964, moving to Los Angeles. There Bright became involved in studio work and joined Supersax in 1972. After leaving them in 1974, Bright taught high school for a year
Ron Wynn

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The Ronnell Bright Trio
Complete Recordings


Cd 1

1 Bright Bounce (Bright)  2:37
2 Pennies From Heaven (Johnston, Burke)  3:58
3 Gone With The Wind (Wrubel, Magidson)  3:50
4 If I’m Lucky (Myrow, DeLange)  3:50
5 Blue Zepher (Bright)  4:11
6 Struttin’ In (Bright)  3:48
7 I See Your Face Before Me (Scwartz, Dietz)  3:46
8 Bright’s Spot (Bright)  3:11
9 Little Girl Blue (Rodgers, Hart)  4:01
10 I Remember You (Schertzinger, Mercer)  3:32
11 Randall’s Island (Webster)  3:14
12 Sallye (Bright)  3:26
13 People Will Say We’re In Love (Rodgers, Hammerstein II)  4:16
14 Liza (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:44
15 It Never Entered My Mind (Reodgers, Hart)  2:32
16 For Pete’s Sake (Bright)  4:17
17 Toasted ‘Ammond (Benjamin)  5:56
18 It Could Happen To You (VanHeusen, Burke)  2:56
19 How Little We Know (Carmichael)  4:43
20 Bohemia, U.S.A (Bright)  3:18
21 I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face (Lerner, Loewe)   3:09


Cd 2

1 The Champ (Gillespie)  2:32
2 Easy Listening Blues (Cole)  4:22
3 Chasing Sarah (Bright)  3:40
4 Doxology (Bright)  5:54
5 Sail ‘Em (Bright)  3:42
6 Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (Mercer, Ellington)  4:11
7 Johnny Pate’s Blues (Pate)  4:23
8 R And R Groove (Bright)  4:45


[CD 1, # 1] from the miscellaneous album "After Hours Jazz" (Epic LN 3339).
Ronnel Bright - p
Wilbur Wynne - g
Willard Nelson - dr
Recorded in Chicago, on June 12, 1956.
[CD 1, # 2-9] from the LP "Bright's Spot" (Regent MG 6041).
Ronnel Bright - p
Kenny Burrell - g
Leonard Gaskin - dr
Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey ; September 26, 1956.
[CD 1, # 10-21] from the LP "Bright Flight" (Vanguard VRS 8512) [# 11-21]
Ronnel Bright - p
Joe Benjamin - b
Bill Clark - dr
Recorded in New York City ; November 27 [# 10] and March 2 [#11-21], 1957.
[CD 2] from the LP "The Ronnell Bright Trio" (Polydor 46106).
Ronnel Bright - p
Richard Davis - b
Art Morgan - dr
Recorded in Paris, on June 5, 1958

Ronnell Bright is one of the most underrated jazz pianists of his generation. His classical background led him to approach the instrument with respect for its fullest potential, while much of his jazz apprenticeship was served with Chicago’s Johnny Pate Trio Bright’s virtues include an exuberant beat and a supple, pliant conception at medium and up-tempos, with a subtle tenderness in ballads. His playing is full of technical ease, with an expressively pianistic touch, and he can create fascinatingly complete statements when he digs in.
This compilation collects for the first time all of Ronnell Bright's trio recordings. The opening track was recorded in his Chicago hometown with two local musicians. The second date, his first as a leader, was done shortly after the pianist hit the Big Apple in 1956, with bassist Leonard Gaskin and guitarist Kenny Burrell ; they provided very capable support, with Burrell in particular soloing well. The following sessions were with Joe Benjamin and Bill Clark, who integrated with skill and taste into his New York trio. The rewarding last session, with Richard Davis and Art Morgan, took place in Paris while Bright’s trio was accompanying Sarah Vaughan during the singer’s European tour in 1958.

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