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The Continental Sessions, vol. 3 (1944-1947)

The third CD of material recorded for the Continental label in the mid-'40s includes several sessions organized by Leonard Feather, who is occasionally heard on piano and contributed some of the selections. Among those dates is an Esquire all-star session that has individual features for trumpeter Buck Clayton, tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, clarinetist Edmond Hall, and guitarist Remo Palmieri. Feather is also heard on the four-part "A Suite in Four Comfortable Quartets" in a two-piano quintet with pianist Dan Burley and guitarist Tiny Grimes, and he produced the first two Sarah Vaughan sessions and an interesting set by the Mary Lou Williams Girl Stars. The latter project, which features the great Mary Lou Williams on piano, guitarist Mary Osborne (who sings "He's Funny That Way"), and vibraphonist Marjorie Hyams, turned out fine despite Williams' doubts. It is revealed for the first time in the liner notes that one of the players on the "all-female" date (always listed as Bea Taylor) was a ringer, Duke Ellington's former bassist Billy Taylor. The Sarah Vaughan numbers include fine performances of "Mean to Me" and "East of the Sun" plus one of the earliest versions of Dizzy Gillespie's "A Night in Tunisia," which in this vocal rendition was called "Interlude." The generous 28-song program also has four numbers by violinist Eddie South (who proves to be an effective vocalist) and a sextet session led by drummer J.C. Heard that features excellent solos from trumpeter George Treadwell (among the best of his career) and tenor saxophonist Budd Johnson. Overall, this CD is filled with high-quality swing-to-bop performances and is easily recommended to fans of the music of the era.
Scott Yanow

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The Continental Sessions
vol. 3


1 The Walk (Heard, Wells) 3:03
2 Heard But Not Seen (Heard, Johnson) 2:43
3 Azure (Ellington, Mills) 2:47
4 Bouncing for Barney (Heard, Treadwell) 2:59

5 Scram (Feather) 3:06
6 Esquire Stomp (Feather) 2:56
7 Esquire Jump (Feather) 2:46
8 Thanks for the Memory (Robin, Rainger) 3:09

9 A Suite in Four Comfortable Quartets, Pt. 1 : Bedroom Blues (Burley, Feather) 2:25
10 A Suite in Four Comfortable Quartets, Pt. 2 : Living Room Romp (Burley, Feather) 2:43
11 A Suite in Four Comfortable Quartets, Pt. 3 : Kitchen Conniption (Burley, Feather) 2:35
12 A Suite in Four Comfortable Quartets, Pt. 4 : Bathroom Blues (Burley, Feather) 2:36

13 What More Can a Woman Do (Lee, Barbour) 3:04
14 I'd Rather Have a Memory Than a Dream (Feather, Russell) 2:44
15 Mean to Me (Ahlert, Turk) 2:42
16 Signing Off Sarah (Feather, Russell) 2:41
17 Interlude (Gillespie, Paparelli, Leveen) 2:32
18 No Smokes Blues (Feather) 2:25
19 East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) (Browman) 2:56

20 Eddie South Blues (South) 2:36
21 Twelve O'Clock at Night (Shandor, Lewis, Russell) 2:57
22 Swinging the Blues (South) 2:40
23 I Can't Give You Anything But Love (McHugh, Fields) 2:27

24 (She's) He's Funny That Way (Whiting, Moret) 2:52
25 D.D.T. (Feather) 2:59
26 D.D.T. [alternate take] (Feather) 2:49
27 Rhumba Re-Bop (Feather) 2:50
28 Blues at Mary Lou's (Feather) 2:50

Feat. George Treadwell, Dickie Harris, Budd Johnson, Sarah Vaughan, Mary Lou Williams, Leonard Feather, Jimmy Jones, Al McKibbon, Buck Clayton, Edmond Hall, Coleman Hawkins, Oscar Pettiford, Specs Powell, Tiny Grimes, Tad Dameron, Bill DeArango, Georgie Auld, Leonard Gaskin, etc...

Recorded between December 1, 1944 & January 11, 1947.

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