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Tadd Dameron & Fats Navarro - Complete Capitol & Blue Note

Many valuable performances from the height of the bop era are included on this double CD. Subtitled "The Complete Blue Note and Capitol Recordings" and comprised of 23 songs and 13 alternate takes, the reissue features the great trumpeter Fats Navarro in peak form with three groups headed by pianist/arranger Tadd Dameron, in trumpet battles with one of his major influences, Howard McGhee, and on a remarkable all-star quintet with pianist Bud Powell and the young tenor Sonny Rollins; among the other sidemen are altoist Ernie Henry; tenors Charlie Rouse, Allen Eager, Wardell Gray, and Dexter Gordon; and vibraphonist Milt Jackson. In addition to such gems as "Our Delight," "Lady Bird," "Double Talk," "Bouncing With Bud," "Dance of the Infidels," and "52nd Street Theme," Fats is heard with the 1948 Benny Goodman septet ("Stealin' Apples") and Dameron leads a group with the 22-year-old Miles Davis. On a whole, this double CD has more than its share of essential music that belongs in all historical jazz collections.
Scott Yanow

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Tadd Dameron
Fats Navarro
Complete Blue Note & Capitol Recordings


Cd. 1

1 The Chase [alternate take] (Dameron) 2:59
2 The Chase (Dameron) 2:46
3 The Squirrel [alternate take] (Dameron) 3:21
4 The Squirrel (Dameron) 3:00
5 Our Delight [alternate take] (Dameron) 3:06
6 Our Delight (Dameron) 3:00
7 Dameronia [alternate take] (Dameron) 3:14
8 Dameronia (Dameron) 3:00
9 Jahbero [alternate take] (Dameron) 3:01
10 Jahbero (Dameron) 3:03
11 Lady Bird (Dameron) 2:56
12 Lady Bird [alternate take] (Dameron) 2:52
13 Symphonette (Dameron) 2:52
14 Symphonette [alternate take] (Dameron) 3:09
15 I Think I'll Go Away (Dameron) 3:07
16 Sid's Delight (Dameron) 3:16
17 Casbah (Dameron) 2:56
18 John's Delight (Dameron) 3:01
19 What's New ? (Burke, Haggart) 2:58
20 Heaven's Doors Are Wide Open (Dameron) 3:02
21 Focus (Dameron) 3:20



Cd. 2

1 The Skunk [LP Master] (McGhee, Navarro) 2:58
2 Boperation (Navarro) 3:10
3 Boperation [alternate take] (Navarro) 3:11
4 The Skunk [78 Master] (McGhee, Navarro) 3:03
5 Double Talk (McGhee, Navarro) 5:35
6 Double Talk [alternate take] (McGhee, Navarro) 5:22
7 Bouncing with Bud [alternate #1] (Fuller, Powell) 3:06
8 Bouncing with Bud [alternate #2] (Fuller, Powell) 3:15
9 Bouncing with Bud Fuller, Powell) 3:04
10 Wail [alternate take] (Powell) 2:43
11 Wail (Powell) 3:06
12 Dance of the Infidels [alternate take] (Powell) 2:52
13 Dance of the Infidels (Powell) 2:54
14 52nd Street Theme (Monk) 2:51
15 Stealin' Apples (Razaf, Waller) 3:07

Feat. Fats Navarro, Ernie Henry, Charlie Rouse, Tadd Dameron, Mundell Lowe, Shadow Wilson, Curly Russell, Kai Winding, Dexter Gordon, J.J. Johnson, Kenny Clarke, Milt Jackson, Sonny Rollins, Bud Powell, Tommy Potter, Roy Haynes, etc...

Recorded in New York City ; between September 26, 1947 & September 9, 1948

(See the complete artwork for all details sessions)


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