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Stan Getz at Storyville, vol. 1 & 2

A great CD that combines volumes 1 and 2 of Stan's early live recordings at Storyville — excellent small group sessions done with a group that includes Jimmy Raney on guitar, Al Haig on piano, Teddy Kotick on bass, and Tiny Kahn on drums. The mix of guitar and tenor is great together — a sound that became one of Stan's calling cards in the early 50s — and even the live setting can't stifle the strength of his unique tone ! The CD features a total of 13 cuts in all — and titles include "Budo", "Jumpin With Symphony Sid", "Yesterdays", "Thou Swell", "Mosquito Knees", and "Parker 51".
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Stan Getz
At Storyville
vol. 1 & 2


1 Thou Swell (Hart, Rodgers)  4:24
2 This Song Is for You (Hammerstein, Kern)  7:11
3 Mosquito Knees (Gryce)  5:21
4 Pennies from Heaven (Burke, Johnston)  5:07
5 Move (Best)  6:02
6 Parker 51 (Raney)  6:06
7 Hershey Bar (Mandel)  3:33
8 Rubberneck (Rosolino)  4:25
9 Signal (Raney)  5:51
10 Everything Happens to Me (Adair, Dennis)  3:21
11 Jumpin' With Symphony Sid (Young)  7:25
12 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kern)  2:58
13 Budo (Davis, Powell)  5:11

Stan Getz - ts
Jimmy Raney - g
Al Haig - p
Teddy Kotick - b
Tiny Kahn - dr

Recorded live at Storyville, Boston ; October 28, 1951.


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Incidentally, Teddy Kotick somehow wound up playing in a small group with the peripatetic J. R. Monterose in upstate NY clubs, late 1970s.

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