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Shades of Gray Sargent

Throughout this enjoyable set, guitarist Gray Sargent is the epitome of cool, unhurried, and relaxed no matter what the tempo. Sargent is accompanied by bassist Marshall Wood and drummer Ray Mosca and, on half of the set, great pianist Dave McKenna. The music falls between swing and bop, sounding both spontaneous and fully under control. Sargent, who has a very appealing sound, uplifts each of the standards and some of them (particularly the ones with McKenna) swing quite hard.
Scott Yanow

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Gray Sargent
Shades of Gray


1 Let's Get Lost (Loesser, McHugh)  4:59
2 Gray Haze (Sargent)  3:52
3 Don't Take Your Love from Me (Nemo)  7:15
4 I Know Why/My Foolish Heart (Gondon, Warren)  6:57
5 A.P. In the P.M. (Sargent)  4:08
6 You Don't Know What Love Is (DePaul, Raye)  8:31
7 A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Maschwitz, Sherwin)  6:25
8 This Time the Dream's on Me (Arlen, Mercer)  5:11
9 My Ideal (Chase, Robin, Whiting)  6:19
10 Long Ago (And Far Away) (Gershwin, Kern)  5:02
11 Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (Fain, Webster)  5:02


Gray Sargent - g
Marshall Wood - b
Ray Mosca - dr
ith special Guest Dave McKenna - p [# 3, 6, 7, 9 & 10] 

Recorded at Skyline Studios, New York, New York ; February 1-2, 1993


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