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Sal Salvador - Music to Stop Smoking By

Well, this one's not really the kind of album that will make you throw away your Marlboros – but it is a great set of jazz tracks by Sal Salvador, despite a goofy cover and title ! The album was issued by Roulette during the time of its "how to strip" and "how to bellydance" classics – but it's honestly just a straight batch of jazz tunes played by Sal on guitar, with small combo backing that includes Ray Starling on piano, John Beal on bass, and Lennie McBrowne on drums. Sal's guitar is right out front, sounding as strong as on other albums of the period – and the only relation to the title of the set is in the choice of tunes, all which are kind of jokes on quitting smoking : "They Can't Take That Away From Me", "I'll Never Be Free", "You Go To My Head", "You Irritate Me So", and the original tune "Stop Smoking Or Else Blues".
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Sal Salvador
Music to Stop Smoking by


1 Stop Smoking or Elses Blues (Salvador)  3:19
2 I'll Never be Free (Benjamin, Weiss)  4:27
3 I Can't Get Started (Gershwib, Duke)  3:59
4 You Do Something to Me (Porter)  3:23
5 You Go to my Head (Gillespie, Coots)  2:45
6 You Irritate Me So (Salvador)  3:25
7 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Webster, Ellington)  2:31
8 They Can't Take That Away From Me (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:42
9 My Old Flame (Coslow, Johnston)  3:08
10 I'm Beginning to See the Light (James, Ellington, Hodges, George)  2:17


Sal Salvador - g
Ray Starling - p
John Beal - b
Lennie McBrowne - dr

Recorded in 1963


Kndnsk said...

Thank you. I'm looking forward to check out the "hilarious instruction booklet".

ZM-JazzRock said...

I just throw my cigarette out, put this CD on my "phonograph" and I am delighted with the smoky and soft interpretations of his guitar.
As the wise man said, "Never judge a book or a CD by its cover".
Thanx a lot mon ami!
Regards from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Thank You and Best Regards

fusionman said...

Thanks Mel. I must give it a listen.

LaroSwing said...

Thank you Melanchthon for this Sal Salvador I didn't Know!

Danneau said...

Music To Stop Smoking By

Trop tard, j'ai renoncé en 1985, deux semaines avant un séjour en France, donc pas de Gauloises depuis une vingtaine d'années, mais pas autant la musique et surtout la guitare: ce joli morceau de S. Salvador me servira de plaisir en remplacement du tabac, alors merci.

Blue Eyes said...

I took my ciggy and I listened to this very cool album with delight, thanks a lot Mel for this!

d3lta said...

Thanks Mel for this great Sal!

es125 said...

Thanks Mel for Sal Salvador, what a funny idea. Cool

Mike Tempest said...

Gracias Mel. Siempre puntual posteando estas cosas increìbles.
Muchas Gracias

deGallo said...

Thank you for Sal Salvador. This one I really very much like...all the way through. Great straight ahead jazz!!

johnp said...

Pardon my coughing!
Actually I haven't smoked since I left School!

Many thanks!

Joe Carter said...

This album cover used to look down on me from the wall in Sal's studio when I took lessons there with him. Many thanks.

swingingduck said...

Love Sal Salvador.
This is a wonderful album.
Thank you so much Mel.

ita diegues said...

Thank you as always.

El Tortuga said...

Thanx a lot to all people working this blog! wonderful music!

enrique heredia said...

Very nice discs but i download a few and need one password, what?

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Otis Foster said...

More like a smooth Havana than a lower end rum soaked number.


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headman said...

Thanks, Mel. of the few albums I don't have by him.

AmyBRAINS said...

Many thanks, Melanchthon.

Otis Foster said...

Thnx melanchthon - I quit smoking 45 years ago, but I'm still hooked on Sal.

kristophermc28 said...

Thanks Mel!
Gotta love that cover.

chuchuni said...

Many thanks Mel.

Jazzsoulman said...

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Colewood Colewood said...

Hi. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but everything I download says the files are corrupted when I open it. Can you tell me how to make this work? Thanks so much.

Peter said...

Dear Melanchthon,

thank you for this educatory music ;)

Rimshottbob said...

Thank you so much for all the incredible music on this site! It's a gold mine, an education, a rabbit hole, a time capsule and a musical supernova all in one.... very much appreciated!

Kovina Kris said...

Thank you so much Mel!