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Ruby Braff & His Men - Easy Now

This LP has two separate sessions featuring trumpeter Ruby Braff. Braff's encounter with fellow trumpeter Roy Eldridge in a sextet has been reissued on CD but is actually a slight disappointment with surprisingly few fireworks between the potentially combative players. The other session (which has not been reissued) is better, an all-star octet with Braff, trumpeter Emmett Berry, trombonist Vic Dickenson, clarinetist Bob Wilber (doubling on tenor) and a four-piece rhythm section. Throughout Braff is quite passionate in his playing; highlights include "When My Sugar Walks Down the Street," "Give My Regards to Broadway" and "Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day."
Scott Yanow

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Ruby Braff
& His Men
Easy Now


1 My Walking Stick (Berlin)  1:51
2 Willow Weep for Me (Ronell)  5:01
3 When My Sugar Walks Down the Street (Austin, McHugh, Mills)  2:58
4 The Song Is Ended (Berlin)  5:22
5 Give My Regards to Broadway (Cohan)  3:55
6 This Is My Lucky Day (DeSylva, Brown, Henderson)  2:24
7 Someday You'll Be Sorry (Armstrong)  3:03
8 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kern)  3:30
9 For Now (Braff)  4:24
10 I Just Couldn't Take It, Baby (Holiner, Nichols)  3:55
11 Little Man (You've Had a Busy Day) (Sigler, Wayne, Hoffman)  3:06


[# 1, 3, 9-11]
Ruby Braff - tp
Roy Eldridge - tp
Hank Jones - p
Mundell Lowe - g
Leonard Gaskin - b
Don Lamond - dr
Recorded in New York ; August 11, 1958
[# 2, 4-8]
Ruby Braff - tp
Emmett Berry - tp
Vic Dickenson - tb
Bob Wilber - cl & ts
Marty Napoleon - p
Mundell Lowe - g
Leonard Gaskin - b
Don Lamond - dr
Recorded in New York ; August 19, 1958


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Great recording with the tasty trumpet playing of Ruby! ("Little Man, You've Had a Busy Day" is a bijou) Thanks a lot Mel for these two sessions!

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Thanks Mel for Ruby Braff. The personnel are almost a reversal of what has been shown above.
Eldridge actually appears on tracks 2,4,5,6,7 & 8

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Braff was an evil tempered guy, and it got worse as he aged. It didn't affect his playing, however, he kept his lip till late in life.

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