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Ruby Braff - The Best of Braff

Rhino's The Best of Braff is a reissue of a Bethlehem collection that featured highlights from two ten-inch albums, A Ruby Braff Omnibus and Holiday in Braff, which is also released as Adoration of the Melody. Braff was at the beginning of his career as a leader here, yet he was already playing with ease, as these 12 songs illustrate. He may have gained greater popularity in the years following these recordings, but these remain among his finest waxings - and this is a nice way to acquire them.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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Ruby Braff
The Best of Braff


1 When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) (Fisher, Goodwin, Shay) 2:48
2 Easy Living (Rainger, Robin) 3:42
3 Pullin' Thru (Trent) 2:56
4 You're a Lucky Guy (Cahn, Chaplin) 3:51
6 Struttin' With Some Barbecue (Armstrong, Armstrong, Hardin) 2:41
7 Flowers for a Lady (Adams, Braff, Wilbur) 4:25
8 Foolin' Myself (Lawrence, Tinturin, Tinturin) 3:54
9 I'll Be Around (Wilder) 3:55
10 It's Easy to Blame the Weather (Cahn, Chaplin) 2:21
11 Mean to Me (Ahlert, Turk) 2:56
12 Ellie (Braff) 2:24


[# 1-4, 7 & 10]
Ruby Braff - tp
Al Kink - as
Hymie Schertzer - as
Bob Wilber - ts
Boomie Richman - ts
Sol Schlinger - bs
Ellis Larkins - p
Mundell Lowe - g
Arthur Reyerson - g
Walter Page - b
Bobby Donaldson - dr
Recorded in New York ; March 1955
[# 5, 6, 11 & 12]
Ruby Braff - tp
Johnny Guarnieri - p
Walter Page - b
Bobby Donaldson - dr
Recorded in New York ; October 1954


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