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Roy Ayers - West Coast Vibes

While working in Los Angeles in support of pianist Jack Wilson, Roy Ayers befriended the respected jazz critic and producer Leonard Feather, a relationship that ultimately yielded the vibist's first recording contract. Ayers' rare debut session, West Coast Vibes, remains the purest musical expression of his long career, with none of the commercial overtures of his landmark fusion efforts for Polydor. For listeners more familiar with latter-day jazz-funk efforts like He's Coming or Everybody Loves the Sunshine, the warm, contoured tones of Ayers' vibes will come as a revelation. Then as now, his approach to percussion is completely unique, and it's fascinating to hear him operate in such conventional jazz contexts minus the gimmickry of later dates. Most impressive are Ayers' collaborations with saxophonist Curtis Amy, whose soulful, kinetic contributions beautifully complement Ayers' leads.
Jason Ankeny

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/album/west-coast-vibes-r134809

Roy Ayers
West Coast Vibes


1 Sound and Sense (Ayers)  6:42
2 Days of Wine and Roses (Mancini, Mercer)  3:35
3 Reggie of Chester (Golson)  3:47
4 It Could Happen to You (Burke, VanHeusen)  3:14
5 Donna Lee (Parker)  3:12
6 Ricardo's Dilemma (Ayers)  5:03
7 Romeo (Feather)  3:03
8 Out of Sight (Wilson)  6:26
9 Young and Foolish (Hague, Horwitt)  3:45
10 Well You Needn't (Monk)  3:16


[# 1, 3, 6, 8 & 9]
Roy Ayers - vb
Curtis Amy - ts & ss [except # 9]
Jack Wilson - p
Bill Plummer - b
Tony Bazley - dr
[# 2, 4, 5, 7 & 10]
Roy Ayers - vb
Jack Wilson - p
Vic Gaskin - b
Kenny Dennis - dr

Recorded at Western Recorders Inc. in Hollywood, California ; June 14 & 18, 1963


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