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Randy Weston - Solo, Duo & Trio

Some of pianist Randy Weston's earliest recordings are represented on this CD, which combine the contents of a 10" release with a full LP, both of which appeared originally on Riverside. His drastically different style of playing got critics talking about the influence of Thelonious Monk. The first five tracks feature Weston with bassist Sam Gill and drummer Art Blakey ; the somewhat somber interpretation of "Sweet Sue, Just You" almost makes it humorous, but the highlights of the trio session are Weston's original works. "Pam's Waltz" is a gently gliding yet unpredictable piece with minimal accompaniment by Gill and Blakey sticking to brushes. "Zulu" is an infectious mid-tempo bop composition that has plenty of twists and turns. The four songs featuring Weston on solo piano are primarily standards ; "Little Girl Blue" is slowed to a crawl as the pianist mines its dramatic potential, while "Lover" is transformed into a rather bittersweet ballad, as if the would-be singer is having second thoughts. Weston's "Softness" is a rich ballad and his approach to Tadd Dameron's "If You Could See Me Now" is extraordinary. The remaining tracks are duets with Gill, covering well-known songs by Cole Porter ; his extremely playful approaches to "What Is This Thing Called Love?" and "I Get a Kick out of You" are particularly entertaining. This should be a mandatory purchase for fans of Randy Weston.
Ken Dryden

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Randy Weston
Solo, Duo & Trio

Cole Porter in a Modern Mood


1 Sweet Sue, Just You (Harris, Young)  3:46
2 Pam's Waltz (Weston)  3:45
3 Solemn Meditation (Gill)  7:01
4 Again (Cochran, Newman)  5:07
5 Zulu (Weston)  3:29
6 Little Girl Blue (Hart, Rodgers)  3:59
7 We'll Be Together Again (Fischer, Laine)  4:11
8 Softness (Weston)  4:28
9 Lover (Hart, Rodgers)  4:06
10 If You Could See Me Now (Dameron, Sigman)  3:39
11 What Is This Thing Called Love ? (Porter)  2:53
12 I Love You (Porter)  3:00
13 Night and Day (Porter)  3:37
14 I Get a Kick Out of You (Porter)  3:12
15 In the Still of the Night (Porter)  4:42
16 Get Out of Town (Porter)  4:31
17 Just One of Those Things (Porter)  4:31
18 I've Got You Under My Skin (Porter)  3:09


[# 1-10] TRIO AND SOLO
Randy Weston - p
Sam Gill - b
Art Blakey - dr [# 1-5]

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey on January 25, 1955 and September 10, 1956. Originally released on Riverside (227).
Randy Weston - p
Sam Gill - b

Recorded in New York ; April 27, 1954. Originally released on Riverside (2508).


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Sam Gill changed his name to Ahmed Abdul Malik.

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