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Oscar Pettiford Sextet

The six main selections on this CD were last released as part of a Prestige LP titled The Oscar Pettiford Memorial Album, also including four tunes from a Serge Chaloff set. The CD reissue adds two alternate takes to the excellent session which features Pettiford on occasional bass solos and (on "Rhumblues") overdubbed on cello. The superior set also features tenor saxophonist Al Cohn, trombonist Kai Winding, guitarist Tal Farlow, French pianist Henri Renaud and drummer Max Roach — quite an all-star group. Renaud contributed two of the songs which also include numbers by Hoagy Carmichael ("Stardust"), Gerry Mulligan and both Leonard and Jane Feather. The music is straight-ahead, with "Burt's Pad" (heard in two versions) going on for over 9½ minutes. A fine CD that is easily recommended to bop collectors.
Scott Yanow

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Oscar Pettiford
Leonard Feather presents...


1 Burt's Pad (Renaud)  9:45
2 Marcel the Furrier (Renaud)  5:59
3 Stardust (Carmichael, Parish)  5:08
4 E-Lag (Mulligan)  2:33
5 Rhumblues (Feather)  4:27
6 Ondine (Feather)  3:08
7 Burt's Pad [alt. take] (Renaud)  6:26
8 E-Lag [alt. take] (Mulligan)  2:38

Oscar Pettiford - b & cel
Al Cohn - ts
Kai Winding - tb
Tal Farlow - g
Henri Renaud - p
Max Roach - dr

Recorded in New York City ; March 21, 1954


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Oscar Pettiford Sextet

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