Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pat Martino - Strings !

Guitarist Pat Martino's second recording as a leader finds him essentially playing advanced bop. His quintet (with Joe Farrell on tenor and flute, pianist Cedar Walton, bassist Ben Tucker and drummer Walter Perkins) really roars on an uptempo version of "Minority" and is diverse enough to come up with meaningful statements on four of Martino's originals.
Scott Yanow

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Pat Martino
Strings !


1 Strings (Martino)  5:52
2 Minority (Gryce)  9:20
3 Lean Years (Martino)  8:37
4 Mom (Martino)  7:23
5 Querido (Martino)  6:07


Pat Martino - g
Joe Farrell - ts & fl
Cedar Walton - p
Ben Tucker - b
Walter Perkins - dr
Dave Levin, Ray Appleton - perc [# 1]

Recorded in New York City ; October 2, 1967.


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Thank you for the comments. I saw Pat in Chicago in 2012 at the Jazz Showcase: four shows, front row, near heaven. He is also a kind and humble guy. I have nearly all of his CDs. What a talent!

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