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Oscar Alemán - Swing Guitar Masterpieces

Oscar Alemán is one of the great unknown talents in jazz history. A brilliant guitarist who sounded very close to Django Reinhardt at times, Alemán was overshadowed in Europe by Reinhardt in the 1930s and spent much of the rest of his career in his native Argentina, remaining well known only in that country. This 1998 double CD from Dave Grisman's Acoustic Disc label has highlights from Alemán's career, including the eight selections he recorded during his three European sessions of 1938-1939, plus music from 1941-1947 and 1951-1954. Although the settings varied (including a sextet with violinist Svend Asmussen, a nonet, and two unaccompanied guitar solos), Alemán's basic swing style stayed the same, retaining its enthusiasm and creativity and remaining unaffected by bop. Sticking throughout to acoustic guitar and taking an occasional good-time vocal, Alemán is heard in peak form. He deserves to be much better known. A definitive two-fer from a major talent.
Scott Yanow

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 Oscar Alemán
Swing Guitar


Cd. 1

1 Sweet Sue (Harris, Young)  2:45
2 Limehouse Blues (Braham, Furber)  2:45
3 Nobody's Sweetheart (Erdman, Kahn, Meyers, Schoebel)  2:18
4 Whispering (Public Domain)  2:44
5 Russian Lullaby (Berlin)  2:56
6 Just a Little Swing (Aleman)  2:20
7 Dear Old Southland (Creamer, Layton)  2:55
8 Jeepers Creepers (Mercer, Warren)  2:27
9 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)  3:11
10 In the Mood (Garland, Razaf)  3:14
11 Hombre Mio (Man of Mine) (Aleman)  3:10
12 I Got Rhythm (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:13
13 Begin the Beguine (Porter)  2:50
14 Bye Bye Blues (Bennett, Gray, Hamm, Lown)  3:05
15 Negra de Cabello Duro (Hasser, Soares)  2:29
16 Besame Mucho (Skylar, Velazquez)  2:32
17 Tico-Tico-No Fubá (Abreu)  2:48
18 Temptation (Brown, Freed)  2:44
19 I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody (Like I'm Loving You) (Egan, Marsh, Pitts)  2:56
20 Caminos Cruzados (Malaguena) (Lecuona)  2:25
21 Limehouse Blues (Braham, Furber)  2:39
22 Scartunas (Aleman)  2:52
23 You Made Me Love You (McCarthy, Monaco)  3:00
24 Cherokee (Noble)  3:11
25 Stardust (Carmichael, Parish)  2:43
26 Honeysuckle Rose (Razaf, Waller)  2:32 


Cd. 2

1 Oh, Lady Be Good (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:22
2 Doin' the New Low Down (Fields, McHugh)  2:32
3 Improvisaciones Sobre Boogie Woogie (Aleman)  2:32
4 Swinging on a Star (Burke, VanHeusen)  2:25
5 Melancolia (Catton)  2:42
6 Sentimental Journey (Brown, Green, Homer)  2:21
7 Como Te Llamas (Aleman)  2:36
8 Bugle Call Rag (Meyers, Pettis, Schoebel)  2:49
9 Darktown Strutters' Ball (Brooks)  2:50
10 I'm Beginning to See the Light (Ellington, George, Hodges, James)  2:32
11 Blue Skies (Berlin)  2:32
12 Twelfth Street Rag (Bowman)  2:40
13 Diga Diga Doo (Fields, McHugh)  2:48
14 Swanee River (Foster)  2:46
15 Vieni Sul Mar (Traditional)  3:00
16 Delicado (Azevedo)  3:01
17 Scartunas (Aleman)  2:27
18 Mia Casita Pequeñita (Public Domain)  2:55
19 Crazy Rhythm (Caesar, Kahn, Meyer)  2:21
20 Daphné (Grappelli, Reinhardt)  1:51
21 Dolores (Aleman)  3:17
22 April in Portugal (Lucchessi, Popp)  2:41
23 You Belong to Me (Public Domain)  3:05
24 Who's Sorry Now ? (Kalmar, Ruby, Snyder)  2:47
25 Tiger Rag (DaCosta, Edwards, LaRocca)  2:46
26 Tea for Two (Caesar, Youmans)  3:14


Feat. Oscar Alemán, Svend Asmussen, Henry Hageman, Helge Jacobsen, John Mitchell, Guillermo Oliva, Anders Alvarez, Manuel Gavinovich, Rogelio Robledo, Ramon M. Caravaca, Charles Wilson, etc...

Recorded between December 5, 1938 & June 1954

(See the complete artwork for all details : places, dates, sessions, etc)


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