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Milt Jackson - Opus de Jazz

This Savoy CD is a duplicate of the original LP although it lacks the fine liner notes included on the Arista/Savoy 1978 LP. The four selections (which unfortunately total under 34 minutes) are excellent, particularly a fun version of Horace Silver's blues "Opus De Funk" in which vibraphonist Milt Jackson, flutist Frank Wess and pianist Hank Jones have a long tradeoff. The quintet (which also includes bassist Eddie Jones and drummer Kenny Clarke) swings nicely throughout the three blues and lone ballad ("You Leave Me Breathless"). This is not essential, but it is enjoyable music.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:fxfqxqlgldke

Milt Jackson
Opus de Jazz


1 Opus de Funk (Silver) 13:28
2 Opus Pocus (Cadena) 7:25
3 You Leave Me Breathless (Freed, Hollander) 6:27
4 Opus and Interlude (Cadena) 6:30

Milt Jackson - vb
Frank Wess - ts & fl
Hank Jones - p
Eddie Jones - b
Kenny Clarke - dr

Recorded on October 28, 1955


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