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Milt Jackson - Jackson's Ville

This fine 1956 date features Jackson leading a session that moves with ease and authority through a relaxing eight-minute ride on Charlie Parker's "Now's the Time," an Ellington ballad medley, and a pair of the vibist's own blues-based, hard bop compositions. The real treat here is Lucky Thompson's tenor sax. The Don Byas-influenced Thompson has a sound that invites the listener to luxuriate in its grace and strength. Thompson solos on "Mood Indigo" with a sublime, breathy legato, adding bite and rougher edges -- without sacrificing nuance or subtlety -- on Jackson's "Minor Conception" and "Soul in 3/4." For his part, Jackson reels off a fluid stream of shifting, seamless, advanced blues -- his time, phrasing, and execution all exquisite. In the rhythm section, Hank Jones (piano), Wendell Marshall (bass), and Kenny Clarke (drums) support with the ego-free artistry expected of the Savoy house band of the day. Jackson's Ville is one of four Savoy CDs that pair Jackson with Thompson. The others are The Jazz Skyline, Roll 'em Bags, and Meet Milt Jackson. Each on its own is short measure (Jackson's Ville clocks in at 30 minutes). As a collection, though, they comprise a vital document that sits nicely alongside Jackson's and Thompson's work with Miles Davis from this period.
Jim Todd

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Milt Jackson
Jackson's Ville


1 Now's the Time (Parker) 8:16
2 a) In a Sentimental Mood
b) Mood Indigo
c) Azure (Ellington, Kurtz, Mills) 6:43
3 Minor Conception (Jackson) 8:36
4 Soul in 3/4 (Jackson) 6:40

Milt Jackson - vb [except # 2b]
Lucky Thompson - ts [except # 2a]
Hank Jones - p
Wendell Marshall - b
Kenny Clarke - dr

Recorded on January 23, 1956


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