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Lennie Tristano & Warne Marsh - Intuition

This CD brings back a formerly rare set by Warne Marsh, plus seven classic performances that serve as the high point of Lennie Tristano's career. Oddly enough, the Tristano date is programmed second. First is a full-length album which matches Warne Marsh with the cooler but complementary tone of fellow tenor Ted Brown (plus pianist Ronnie Ball, bassist George Tucker, and drummer Jeff Morton). The original eight selections are joined by four alternate takes recorded in mono. Marsh and Brown blend together well, Ball has several creative solos, and most of the "originals" are based closely on familiar standards. However, the main reason to acquire this CD is for the seven remarkable Tristano tracks which feature his finest group (consisting of the pianist/leader, altoist Lee Konitz, Marsh on tenor, guitarist Billy Bauer, bassist Arnold Fishkin, and either Harold Granowsky or Denzil Best on drums). Tristano's music was unique and even more advanced than most bop of the late '40s. While he confined the rhythm section to very quiet timekeeping, the vibrato-less horns and Tristano himself played very long melodic lines, constantly improvising. The stunning unisons performed by Konitz and Marsh (particularly on "Wow") still sound remarkable today, as does the interplay of the two horns on "Sax of a Kind." "Intuition" and "Digression" were the first recorded free improvisations in jazz, but are quite coherent due to the musicians' familiarity with each other. Due to the Lennie Tristano performances, this CD reissue (which has over 75 minutes of music) is essential for all jazz collections.
Scott Yanow

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Lennie Tristano
Warne Marsh


1 Smog Eyes (Brown)  3:33
2 Ear Conditioning (Ball)  5:15
3 Lover Man (Davis, Ramirez, Sherman)  4:30
4 Quintessence (Ball)  4:16
5 Jazz of Two Cities (Brown)  4:34
6 Dixie's Dilemma (Marsh)  4:22
7 Tschaikovsky's Opus #42, Third Movement (Traditional)  4:01
8 I Never Knew (Kahn, Fio Rito)  5:04
9 Ear Conditioning (Ball)  5:17
10 Lover Man (Davis, Ramirez, Sherman)  4:31
11 Jazz of Two Cities (Brown)  4:41
12 I Never Knew (Kahn, Fio Rito)  5:11
13 Wow (Tristano)  3:22
14 Crosscurrent (Tristano)  2:50
15 Yesterdays (Harbach / Jerome Kern)  2:48
16 Marionette (Bauer) 
17 Sax of a Kind (Konitz / Warne Marsh)  3:01
18 Intuition (Tristano)  2:29
19 Digression (Tristano)  3:04

[# 1-12]

Warne Marsh - ts
Ted Brown - ts
Ronnie Ball - p
George Tucker - b
Jeff Morton - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; October 3 [# 1-4, 9 & 10] & October 11 [# 5-8, 11 & 12], 1956
[# 13-19]
Lennie Tristano - p
Lee Konitz - as
Warne Marsh - ts
Billy Bauer - g
Arnold Fishkin - b
Harnold Granowsky - dr [# 13-15]
Denzil Best - dr [# 16-19]
Recordd in New York City ; March, 4 [# 13-14], March 14 [# 15] & May 16 [# 16-19], 1949


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