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Lee Konitz in Hi Fi

This excellent recording (part of their 1987 Jazzlore series) features altoist Lee Konitz with two separate quartets during 1956. Either guitarist Billy Bauer or pianist Sal Mosca are the main supporting voices in groups also including either Arnold Fishkin or Peter Ind on bass and Dick Scott on drums. The most unusual aspect to the set is that on the four selections with Mosca, Konitz switches to tenor, playing quite effectively in a recognizable cool style. The overall highlights of this enjoyable album are "Everything Happens to Me," "All of Me," and "Star Eyes," but all eight performances are well played and swinging.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:gxfuxqqgldje

Lee Konitz
Inside Hi-Fi


1 Kary's Trance (Konitz)  6:09
2 Everything Happens to Me (Adair, Dennis)  4:31
3 Sweet and Lovely (Arnheim, Lemare, Tobias)  4:03
4 Cork 'N' Bib (Konitz)  5:30
5 All of Me (Marks, Simons)  5:11
6 Star Eyes (DePaul, Raye)  5:22
7 Nesuhi's Instant (Ind)  5:09
8 (Back Home Again In) Indiana (Hanley, MacDonald)  5:18


[# 1-4]
Lee Konitz - as & ts [# 1]
Billy Bauer - g
Arnold Fishkin - b
Dick Scott - dr
[# 5-8]
Lee Konitz - ts
Sal Mosca - p
Peter Ind - b
Dick Scott - dr

Recorded in New York City ; September 26 [# 5-8] & October 16, 1956 [# 1-4]

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