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Joe Diorio Plays Carlos Jobim

On this highly enjoyable CD, Joe Diorio performs unaccompanied solo guitar renditions of 16 (mostly early) compositions of Antonio Carlos Jobim, plus his own "To Jobim with Love." Diorio pays loving respect to the classic melodies and his improvisations usually stay fairly close to the themes. Among the tunes explored are "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars," "Desafinado," "One Note Samba," "Wave," "The Girl from Ipanema" and "No More Blues." Truly beautiful music.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/album/to-jobim-with-love-mw0000085035

Joe Diorio
To Jobim With Love
A Tribute to the Music of
Antonio Carlos Jobim


1 To Jobim With Love (Diorio)  1:54
2 Children's Games (Jobim)  3:23
3 Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) (Jobim, Lees)  4:52
4 Once I Loved (O Amor en Paz) (Jobim)  3:52
5 Desafinado (Jobim)  3:38
6 Someone to Light up My Life (Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você) (Jobim)  3:48
7 Portrait of Black and White (Zingaro) (Jobim)  2:42
8 One Note Samba (Hendricks, Jobim, Mendonca)  3:15
9 Meditation (Meditação) (Gimbel, Jobim, Mendonca)  4:57
10 Triste (Jobim)  3:01
11 The Red Blouse (Jobim)  4:30
12 O Grande Amor (Jobim)  3:08
13 Wave (Vou Te Contar) (Jobim)  5:25
14 Dindi (Jobim)  2:51
15 If You Never Come to Me (Inutil Paisagem) (Jobim)  3:00
16 The Girl from Ipanema (DeMoraes, Gimbel, Jobim)  2:51
17 No More Blues (Chega de Saudade) (Cavanaugh, DeMoraes)  2:32


Joe Diorio - g

Recorded September 2-6, 1995.


Ronnie said...

This is one of the warmest and heartfelt albums I've heard in a long time. His guitar playing is absolutely fantastic, and he stays true to the spirit of Jobim. Fellows, make sure you download this one. It's DON'T MISS ALBUM!!

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I can't keep up thanking for all great music posted here. but this is a very suitable post to express my gratitude. i wonder if there's any connection to a certain Mark Diorio, who made a nice solo guitar album, "once upon a guitar". i could't find any other info. about him than that may have studied with Sal Mosca.

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