Saturday, September 24, 2016

Herb Ellis - Thank You, Charlie Christian

Thank You Charlie Christian pays homage to the legendary jazz guitarist in a manner most appropriate to an innovator of his stature — rather than merely imitate that which is inimitable, Herb Ellis channels the imagination and expressiveness of his hero to create a lean, mean sound far more forward-thinking than nostalgic. Like Christian, Ellis favors feeling over flash and economy over excess — paired here with pianist Frank Strazzari, bassist Chuck Berghofer, cellist Harry Babasin and drummer Kenny Hume, he creates a series of compact and determinedly contemporary bop snapshots in vivid Technicolor, not the black-and-white of a bygone era. A beautiful and heartfelt record that draws from the past but refuses to live in it.
Jason Ankeny

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 Herb Ellis
Thank You, Charlie Christian


1 Pickly Wickley (Ellis)  3:17
2 I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out (Carter, Ellis, Frigo)  2:52
3 Cook One (Ellis)  2:54
4 Karin (Ellis)  4:41
5 Cherry Kijafa (Ellis, Thomas)  4:17
6 Thank You Charlie Christian (Ellis)  7:38
7 Alexander's Ragtime Band (Berlin)  2:52
8 Lemon Twist (Troup)  2:48
9 Everything's Pat (Ellis)  3:35
10 Workin' with the Truth (Ellis)  1:58


Herb Ellis - g
Harry Babasin - cel
Frank Strazzari - p
Chuck Berghofer - b
Kenny Hume - dr

Recorded on July 1 & 2, 1960


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