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Gus Viseur - De Clichy a Broadway

The French accordion master Gus Viseur began performing on the streets of Paris in fairs and markets and eventually worked his way into the cabaret and nightclubs. During his influential career he ended up backing "the Sparrow" Edith Piaf and performing with the legendary Hot Club of France Quintet. He helped create the accordion-jazz style known as manouche.
Zac Johnson

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Gus Viseur
De Clichy à Broadway


1 Le Bal du P'tit Jardin (Pommes)  2:10
2 Jeannette (Ferrari, Viseur)  2:05
3 El Victor (Baselli, Viseur)  2:32
4 Paso del Fuego (Baselli, Viseur)  2:18
5 Ballade Rabouine (Baselli, Viseur)  2:18
6 5 Juin (Viseur)  2:05
7 Nuages (Reinhardt)  3:11
8 Lorsque Django Jouait (Chaput)  2:42
9 Swing Valse (Ferret, Viseur)  2:45
10 Flambée Montalbanaise (Cayla, Viseur)  2:02
11 46ème Avenue (Viseur)  3:42
12 Geneviève (Viseur)  2:54
13 Paris, je t'aime (Battaille, Schertzinger)  1:33
14 Ménilmontant (Fayard, Trenet)  2:19
15 Quel Temps fait-il à Paris ? (Contet, Romans)  1:44
16 Revoir Paris (Lasry, Trenet)  2:15


[# 1-12]
Gus Viseur - ac
His Orchestra including
Boulou Ferré - g
Roger Paraboschi - dr
Recorded in Paris ; June 1962
[# 13-16]
Gus Viseur - ac
Unknow personnel
Recorded in Paris ; May 3, 1955


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