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Gus Viseur - Compositions (1934-1942)

French musette accordion (with its very strong Italian roots) was, till very recently a grossly neglected splendor of 20th century urban music. The phenomenal Gus Viseur played musette with the best besides helping to create the accordion-jazz style called manouche. There's a generous selection of fine music on the Viseur collection (which includes other musicians playing his pieces). Gorgeous music, wonderful mastering, fine notes.
John Storm Roberts

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Gus Viseur


1 Jeannette (Ferrari, Viseur)  2:29
2 Flambée Montalbanaise (Viseur)  2:41
3 Winds and Strings (Andalouise) (Ferret, Viseur)  3:15
4 Douce Joie (Viseur)  3:04
5 Anomalie (Géo, Viseur)  3:00
6 Automne (Viseur)  2:20
7 Soir de Venise (Viseur)  2:52
8 Soir de Dispute (Morino, Viseur)  2:26
9 Philippe's Stomp (Viseur)  2:42
10 Souvenir de Bruxelles (Viseur)  2:47
11 L' Incomprise (Viseur)  3:10
12 Swing Accordéon (Stower, Viseur)  2:22
13 Swing Valse (Ferret, Viseur)  2:30
14 Matelotte (Viseur)  3:19
15 Gracieusette (Viseur)  2:38
16 Josette (Viseur)  2:54
17 L' Imprévu (Colombo, Viseur)  2:56
18 Jeannette (Ferrari, Viseur)  2:58

Featuring Gus Viseur, Pierre "Baro" Ferret, Jean "Matelo" Ferret, Etienne "Sarane" Ferret, Challain Ferret, Maurice Speilleux, Joseph Reinhardt, Marius Coste, Philippe Brun, Joseph Solero, Tony Murena, André Lluis, Joseph Colombo, Tito Colombo, etc...

Recorded in Paris and Bruxelles ; between 1934 & November 5, 1942


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i think i will love this. i am a fan of french accordeon. i lived for a while in the massif central and had friends who played bourrees and i really like marc perrone. thank you mel

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Nice one, for sure. I know the jazzier side of GV but am very curious about the Musette-tracks !
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Blue Eyes said...

Yes, for me, Gus Viseur is the best in this style! (the French musette accordion) great, great post Melanchthon! (la technologie moderne fait des miracles maintenant avec le "mastering"!)

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