Friday, February 15, 2013

Gigi Gryce - Sayin' Somethin'!

Altoist Gigi Gryce's last regular group before moving to Africa and largely retiring from music was the quintet featured on this CD, two other Prestige/New Jazz sessions and an album for Trip. Gryce's alto matched well with Richard Williams's impressive trumpet and, with fine support from pianist Richard Wyands, bassist Reggie Workman and drummer Mickey Roker, the two horns explore mostly blues-based originals by Gryce, Curtis Fuller and Hank Jones. There is more variety than expected and the contrast between Gryce's lyricism and the extroverted nature of Williams's solos make this set fairly memorable.
Scott Yanow

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Gigi Gryce
Sayin' Somethin'!

1 Back Breaker (Gryce)  6:08
2 Leila's Blues (Gryce)  6:47
3 Blues In The Jungle (Gryce)  6:16
4 Down Home (Fuller)  8:19
5 Let Me Know (Jones)  4:43
6 Jones Bones (Jones)  7:10

Gigi Gryce - as
Richard Williams - tp
Richard Wyands - piano
Reggie Workman - b
Mickey Roker - dr

Recorded in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; March 11, 1960.


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