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Chico Hamilton - Transfusion

The first four CDs released by Studio West, a subsidiary of V.S.O.P., are all taken from concise (around three minutes apiece) performances that were made to be used as part of the radio show "The Navy Swings." This particular release features performances by one of drummer Chico Hamilton's most stimulating groups, a quintet comprised of Charles Lloyd (on tenor, flute and alto), guitarist Gabor Szabo, trombonist George Bohanon, bassist Albert Stinson and the drummer/leader. Because the individual selections are briefer than usual, in many cases only one soloist is featured on each cut. But overall, there is plenty of solo space for Lloyd (very much playing in a Coltrane vein), Bohanon and Szabo. The mixture of seven standards with nine Lloyd originals works quite well with plenty of variety in moods and tempoes. An excellent all-around showcase for this much underrated but very timeless unit.
Scott Yanow

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Chico Hamilton


1 Transfusion (Lloyd)  2:10
2 My Shining Hour (Arlen, Mercer)  1:54
3 The Second Time Around (Cahn, Van Heusen)  3:08
4 Come Rain or Come Shine (Arlen, Mercer)  2:16
5 Witchcraft (Coleman, Leigh)  2:56
6 Homeward (Lloyd)  3:46
7 A Rose for Booker (Lloyd)  3:21
8 Vulture (Lloyd)  2:37
9 It Never Entered My Mind (Hart, Rodgers)  2:50
10 Sun Yen Sen (Lloyd)  2:24
11 Speak Low (Nash, Weill)  2:30
12 One for Joan (Lloyd)  3:33
13 C.L. Blues (Lloyd)  2:31
14 Stella by Starlight (Washington, Young)  1:36
15 Tales (Lloyd)  3:00
16 Transfusion (Lloyd)  3:35


Charles Lloyd - ts, as & fl
Gabor Szabo - g
George Bohanon - tb
Albert Stinson - b
Chico Hamilton - d

Recorded at United Recording Studios, Hollywood, California ; 1962


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Sweet! Added a link here on my Chico discog as well. Thanks Mel!

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very interesting to compare the recordings on this "Navy Swings" and on e.g. "Drumfusion" or on "Passin' Thru" or on "Different Journey" - a year later -

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Chico Hamilton - Transfusion (1962)

Interesting that they recorded this in mono in 1962. I guess since these tracks were intended for radio, mono was all they needed.

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Many thanks, never heard this before!
I must admit I'm now curious - this is one of four recordings intended for Navy Dept. broadcast. The Shorty Rogers I've put in 'contributions' is another, what are the other two?

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Mel, thank you very much for the upgrade. Funny to read Chico's interviews lately-he can't even bring himself to mention Lloyd's name, but can't say enough about how much he respected Gabor and Dolphy.

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