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Charlie Parker - Complete Savoy Live Performances ('47-'50)

This four-CD set contains a somewhat streamlined presentation of Parker's complete known live broadcasts from New York's Royal Roost, dating during 1948 and 1949, augmented with five of the live September 29, 1947, Carnegie Hall recordings and one lower-quality tape made in Chicago during 1950. The vitality of these performances still radiates off the tapes in whatever format they're reproduced 50-plus years later — the interaction between the bandmembers, which include Miles Davis (or Kenny Dorham) on trumpet and Max Roach at the drums, and Tadd Dameron or Al Haig at the ivories, is spellbinding. The difference between these performances and Parker's studio work of the period is that he was always "on" for the broadcasts, and had already achieved something of a peak that he still missed in his studio work of the era — those along with him rose to the occasion, as witnessed by Kenny Dorham's playing on Miles Davis' "Half Nelson" in December of 1947. On the other hand, nobody could touch Parker when he was at his peak on stage, which he ascends easily on a jam set to Irving Berlin's "White Christmas." In the Chicago material, [...] Parker is certainly audible, and hearing his improvisations on material like Rodgers & Hart's "There's a Small Hotel" is worth the price of the disc, even on what amounts to a good audience tape. The source material has been very carefully mastered, striking a good balance between clean playback and fidelity to the original performance, and the dozens of pages of notes represent virtually a separate, free-standing book on Parker during this period in his career."
Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

Source :

Charlie Parker
Complete Savoy Live Performances
(Sept. 29, 1947-Oct. 25, 1950)



[From the Royal Roost (part I)]

1 52nd Street Theme (Monk)  5:23
2 Koko (Parker)  2:32
3 Groovin' High (Gillespie)  5:02
4 Big Foot (Parker)  4:44
5 Ornithology (Parker, Harris)  5:44
6 Slow Boat To China (Loesser)  5:20
7 Hot House (Dameron)  4:25
8 Salt Peanuts (Gillespie, Clarke)  3:52
9 Chasin' the Bird (Parker)  4:25
10 Out of Nowhere (Heyman, Green)  3:20
11 How High the Moon (Hamilton, Lewis)  2:58
12 Half Nelson (Davis)  4:45
13 White Christmas (Berlin)  5:10
14 Little Willie Leaps (Davis)  3:54
15 Jumpin' With Symphony Sid/Be-Bop (Young, Gillespie)  5:04
16 Slow Boat To China (Loesser)  4:30



[From the Royal Roost (part II)]

1 Ornithology (Parker, Gillespie)  4:52
2 Groovin' High (Gillespie)  5:36
3 East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) (Bowman)  4:38
4 Cheryl (Parker)  4:40
5 How High the Moon (Hamilton, Lewis)  5:04
6 Scrapple From the Apple (Parker)  4:09
7 Be-Bop (Parker)  3:31
8 Hot House (Parker)  5:06
9 Oop Bop Sh' Bam (Fuller, Roberts, Gillespie)  5:05
10 Scrapple From the Apple (Parker)  4:39
11 Salt Peanuts (Parker)  4:09
12 Groovin' High (Gillespie)  3:44
13 Scrapple From the Apple (Parker)  3:29
14 Barbados (Parker)  3:51
15 Salt Peanuts (Parker)  3:42
16 Scrapple From the Apple (Parker)  4:53



[From the Royal Roost (part III)]

1 Barbados (Parker)  3:56
2 Be-Bop (Parker)  3:28
3 Groovin' High (Gillespie)  4:47
4 Confirmation (Parker)  3:34
5 Salt Peanuts (Parker)  3:55
6 Half-Nelson (Davis)  3:42
7 A Night In Tunisia (Gillespie, Paparelli)  4:53
8 Scrapple From the Apple (Parker)  4:59
9 Deedle (Lambert)  2:39
10 What's This ? (Lambert)  2:15
11 Cheryl (Parker)  3:49
12 Anthropology (Parker)  5:50
13 Hurry Home (Bernier, Emmerich, Meyer)  2:27
14 Deedle (Lambert)  2:06
15 Royal Roost Bop (Lambert)  2:12
16 Cheryl (Parker)  3:25
17 Slow Boat To China (Loesser)  4:41
18 Chasin' the Bird (Parker)  6:36


Cd. 4

[Chicago & Carnegie Hall, New York]

1 There's a Small Hotel (Hart, Rodgers)  10:14
2 These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) (Marvell, Strachey, Link)  2:06
3 Keen and Peachy (Rogers, Burns)  6:29
4 Hot House (Dameron)  9:06
5 Swivel Hips (Bird, Bass and Out) (McLin)  3:37
6 Goodbye (Jenkins)  3:13
7 A Night In Tunisia (Gillespie, Paparelli)  5:09
8 Dizzy Atmosphere (Gillespie)  4:05
9 Groovin' High (Gillespie)  5:13
10 Confirmation (Parker)  5:35
11 Koko (Parker)  4:10


Featuring Charlie Parker, Buddy Stewart, Dave Lambert, George Freeman, Claude McLin, Flip Phillips, Lucky Thompson, Charlie Ventura, Conte Candoli, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Dorham, Miles Davis, Bennie Green, Chris Anderson , John Lewis, Al Haig, Tadd Dameron, Milt Jackson, Bruz Freeman, Joe Harris , Max Roach, Shelly Manne, Ed Shaughnessy...

Recorded at Carnegie Hall, New York, NY (1947-1950) ; Chicago Club, New York, NY (1947-1950) ; Chicago, IL (1947-1950) ; Royal Roost (1947-1950) ; Royal Roost New York, NY (1947-1950).


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