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Candoli Brothers - Jazz Horizons

This CD brings the firsts LPs that the Candoli brothers recorded together. They are accompanied by an impeccable rhythm section. This is jazz which is characteristic of California, in the most joyful and spectacular side of it, interpreted by first-rate jazz musicians.

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Planning a recording artist’s second album presents several problems not generally encountered in the first venture. One of these is the simple, basic question: What shall we call it ? After a straightforward album named Elvis Boone Sings, many a fan has been content with a sequel entitled Elvis Boone Sings Again or More Elvis Boone. But after Pete and Conte Candoli had extended themselves to surpass their first joint album effort, The Brothers Candoli, it seemed to all concerned that in this case the easy way out would just not do, and that the sequel’s title should match in freshness and imagination the performances and arranging ideas contained in the new album.
Luckily, Columbia Pictures signed the Brothers to appear in the movie Bell, Book and Candle at about the same time this recording was being planned. It was then no problem for Dot album director Tom Mack, somewhat of an epigrammatist, to hit upon the title as it now stands. Oné phase of the problem was thus resolved.
Of much more significance, though, are certain other differences between Bell, Book and Candoli and the previous album. One comes from the totally unpredictable, almost magical rapport that can occur in a studio, and which no musical director, A & R man, or engineer can blueprint in advance. Happily, this seemed to take place on these sessions. It can be attributed in part to the stimulating development of each of the Brothers Conte overlaying his familiar gentle, introspective, delicately-woven style of improvisation with a new certainty, a sureness that these notes and this expression were right ; Pete contributing largely through the pacing, balance, and built-in excitement of his writing. He seems to have produced an even greater variety of mood and content in these arrangements and compositions than in The Brothers Candoli. Witness the near-classical impressionism of Pagoda, in contrast to the carefree Night Walk, for example.
The rhythm section is predictably excellent. Some mention must surely be made, however redundant to the listener, of the piano artistry of John “Bud” Williams, himself a talented composer and arranger. And Barney Kessel, who appears here through the courtesy of Contemporary Records, is a great contributor to the freedom of the solos, and to the general climate of swingingness. He is also called upon to fill out the orchestration and‘become, as it were, the third trumpet in concerted passages, in which he manages a remarkable blend with the others. Alvin Stoller is at his tasty-percussion best, and Joe Mondragon alternates with Red Mitchell to provide the perfect fundament. Without benefit of cat, broom, or incantation, the Brothers Candoli have invoked their own particular brand of witchcraft and have here wrought exciting miracles...
Tom Mack (from the booklet)

Candoli Brothers
Jazz Horizons


1 Disc-Location (Candoli)  4:17
2 Beautiful Love (Young)  2:25
3 Crazy Rhythm (Caesar, Kahn, Meyer)  3:33
4 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers)  3:28
5 Exodus in Jazz (Candoli)  2:36
6 Fascinatin' Rhythm (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:58
7 Love (Your Spell Is Everywhere) (Goulding, Jonis)  2:25
8 It Never Entered My Mind (Hart, Rodgers)  2:26
9 Pe-Con (Candoli)  3:15
10 Twilight on the Trail (Alter, Mitchell)  2:39
11 Rockin' Boogie (Candoli)  2:51
12 Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Dubin, Warren)  2:43
13 Pavanne (Gould)  2:56
14 Spaniard Carnival (Candoli)  1:54
15 Old Devil Moon (Brown, DeSylva, Henderson)  3:33
16 What Is This Thing Called Love (Porter)  4:40
17 Bell, Book and Candoli (Candoli)  2:37
18 Hey, Bellboy ! (Candoli)  3:40
19 Pagoda (Candoli)  2:33
20 Night Walk (Candoli)  3:27
21 I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful) (Ruskin, Sullivan)  3:45


[# 1-11]
Conte Candoli, Pete Candoli - tp
Jimmy Rowles - p
Howard Roberts - g
Joe Mondragon - b
Alvin Stoller - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; May 6, 7 & 13, 1957.
[# 12-21]
Same personnel as above except Barney Kessel replaces Roberts.
Same place ; December 5 & 6, 1958.


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