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Bob Brookmeyer with Jim Hall & Jimmy Raney

"The Street Swingers" is a kind of sequel to Brookmeyer's "Traditionalism Revisited" (Vogue LAE12108), although this particular group is less concerned with delving back into the past. A valve-trombone, two guitars, bass and drums seems an unlikely instrumentation at first sight, but the poise and relaxation of the musicians makes for a natural warmth of expression. Although the conceptions of the two guitarists are similar, their tones differ; Jim Hall's is sharply defined, Jimmy Raney's quite a bit softer. Bob plays trombone on most of the tracks, but his fascinating and unique piano work is heard on Street Swingers and Musicale Du Jour, both Brookmeyer compositions incidentally. As an attempt to obtain an integrated group sound from musicians of similar temperaments, this LP is far superior to any by the Jimmy Giuffre Trio, and readers who enjoyed the highly satisfactory "Traditionalism Revisited" album will certainly approve of "The Street Swingers".
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Bob Brookmeyer
Jim Hall
Jimmy Raney
The Street Swingers


1 Arrowhead (Hall) 7:03
2 Street Swingers (Brookmeyer) 6:22
3 Hot Buttered Noodling (Raney) 6:05
4 Musicale du Jour (Brookmeyer) 8:48
5 Raney Day (Hall) 5:25
6 Jupiter (Raney) 5:05


Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Jim Hall - g
Jimmy Raney - g
Bill Crow - b
Osie Johnson - dr

Recorded at Coastal Studios, New York City ; December 13 & 16, 1957


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