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Bill Evans Trio - Portrait in Jazz

The first of two studio albums by the Bill Evans-Scott LaFaro-Paul Motian trio (both of which preceded their famous engagement at the Village Vanguard), this Portrait in Jazz reissue contains some wondrous interplay, particularly between pianist Evans and bassist LaFaro, on the two versions of "Autumn Leaves." Other than introducing Evans' "Peri's Scope," the music is comprised of standards, but the influential interpretations were far from routine or predictable at the time. LaFaro and Motian were nearly equal partners with the pianist in the ensembles and their versions of such tunes as "Come Rain or Come Shine," "When I Fall in Love," and "Someday My Prince Will Come" (which preceded Miles Davis' famous recording by a couple years) are full of subtle and surprising creativity. A gem.
Scott Yanow

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Bill Evans

Portrait in Jazz
(GZS-1059 24 Karat)


1 Come Rain or Come Shine (Arlen & Mercer, Arlen) 3:21
2 Autumn Leaves (Kosma, Prévert) 5:56
3 Witchcraft (Coleman) 4:33
4 When I Fall In Love (Heyman, Young) 4:54
5 Peri's Scope (Evans) 3:13
6 What is This Thing Called Love ? (Porter) 4:33
7 Spring Is Here (Rodgers) 5:05
8 Someday My Prince Will Come (Churchill, Churchill, Morey, Morley) 4:53
9 Blue In Green (Davis, Evans) 5:26
10 Autumn Leaves [Monaural LP version] (Kosma, Prévert) 5:22

Bill Evans - p
Scott LaFaro - b
Paul Motian - dr

Recorded at Plaza Sound Studios, Rockfeller Center, New York City ; December 28, 1959


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