Friday, February 6, 2015

Art Farmer - To Sweden with Love

A trumpeter who always avoided bop cliches, Farmer intensified his lyricism through the late 1950s. His warm sound and his gifts for inventing melodies and getting deep inside harmonies made him a soloist a listener could identify after a few notes. By the time of To Sweden With Love in 1964, Farmer had switched to fluegelhorn and formed his classic quartet with guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Pete LaRoca. This was the group's third Atlantic album. They recorded it in Sweden and chose a repertoire of Swedish folks songs. This little known album is one of Farmer's finest accomplishments because of his own playing and the camaraderie and cohesiveness of his group. "De Salde Sina Hemman (They Sold Their Homestead)" is every bit as attractive as "Wsrmeland" ("Dear Old Stockholm"), which Stan Getz brought home from Sweden a decade earlier. It might have become as well known if Atlantic had given the album the promotion it deserved.
The inspiration Farmer and his sidemen felt during their Swedish tour translated into splendid performances by all four, with the leader particularly adventuresome and rangy in his solos. An album of distinct charm and a personality of its own, it is at least the equal of the group's Live at the Half Note, which Atlantic saw fit to reissue on CD in the United States. Available only as an import, To Sweden With Love is harder to find. It is worth the search.
Doug Ramsey 

Source :

Art Farmer
To Sweden With Love


1 Va Da Du ? (Was It You ?) (Trad.) 5:20
2 De Salde Sina Hemman (They Sold Their Homestead) (Trad.) 6:12
3 Den Mostravige Brudgummen (The Reluctant Groom) (Trad.) 5:49
4 Och Hor Du Unga Dora* (And Listen Young Dora) (Trad.) 5:50
5 Kristallen Den Fina* (Trad.) 3:12
6 Visa Vid Midsommartid* (Midsummer Song) (Lindstrøm, Norlen) 6:21


Art Farmer - flghrn
Jim Hall - g
Steve Swallow - b
Pete LaRoca - dr

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden ; April 28 & 30*, 1964


Péter Makai said...

One of the best jazz recording of all time! Highly recommended. Many thanks Mel

Scoredaddy said...

thanks, Mel. I was looking for this one!!

Orbyt said...

Detta kommer att vara vackra. Tack, Mel.

itr said...

My favorite Farmer's album. Many thanks for sharing!

ZM-JazzRock said...

Following what our pal Péter Makai wrote above, with Jim Hall on guitars and with this very nice, indeed, LP art cover, I am sure this must be one of the "best jazz recordings of all time".
Thanx a lot, dude!
zm @ Brazil

аффтор said...

even more wonderful than always.
thanks a lot!

deGallo said...

Thank you for the upgrade. Definitely one of his best!

Rick said...

Thanks Mel. Can never get too much of Jim Hall. Looks like the tunes are going to be very different from the usual standards.

yewsta said...

Thanks a lot, Mel

Orbyt said...
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Chris said...

Thanks Mel this is a nice Art Farmer to have.

Pernath said...

What a line-up, THanks Mel!!!

danair said...

Thanks Mel never had or heard this lp.

stringbender said...

Gorgeous LP - Thanks!!

Andy said...

I'm glad to have finally come across this very nice album. Thanks for your help.

Melanchthon said...

AmyBRAINS said...

Many thanks, Melanchthon.

kristophermc28 said...

Thanks Mel!

Ананасий Непитин said...

thanks a lot, Mel!

Jazzsoulman said...

Thank You

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