Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pat Martino - Live !

For this intriguing club date, guitarist Pat Martino (who by the early 1970s had his own distinctive sound) really stretches out on two of his originals (including "Special Door," which clocks in at 17:43) and the pop song "Sunny." With keyboardist Ron Thomas, electric bassist Tyrone Brown and drummer Sherman Ferguson offering alert and forceful support, Martino performs music that falls between advanced hard bop, fusion and the avant-garde without really fitting into any of the genres. Well worth several listens, but this LP is long out of print.
Scott Yanow

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Pat Martino
Live !


1. Special Door (Martino)  17:43
2. The Great Stream (Martino)  10:20
3. Sunny (Hebb)  10:25


Pat Martino - g
Ron Thomas - el p
Tyrone Brown - el b
Sherman Ferguson - dr

Recorded at Folk City, New York City, New York ; September 1972


jpo said...

best live modern jazz guitar record ever.

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Pat Martino is a gas. He forgot everything he knew about guitar playing and learned it back again by listening to his own records. Waw!!!
Thank you Melanchthon!!

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