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Kenny Clarke & the Detroit Jazzmen

This Savoy CD lists Kenny Burrell as session leader, but it is clearly a group effort that could easily have been attributed to Pepper Adams or pianist Tommy Flanagan. Burrell has the edge, though, in writing credits with the contribution of two tunes: the quietly assured "Your Host" and the bluesy, hard bop line "Tom's Thumb." Adams offers his leisurely, sophisticated "Apothegm" to the date. Flanagan, for his part, is pure elegance, subtlety, and swing. With the exception of drummer Kenny Clarke, all the players hail from the motor city. Coming up through the same hometown music scene may help account for the fine group interplay. It's also apparent the musicians had the luxury of working through these six tunes before sitting down to record. The result does full justice to the fine writing and arranging and allows for thoughtfully developed improvisations. Ensemble entries are crisp and assured, as are the entrances by all soloists. Burrell favors a dry, clean attack here, while Adams reins in his more full-throated tendencies. Clarke, Flanagan, and bassist Paul Chambers support with consummate taste. The overall mood may be a bit too polite, but this remains a classy, near classic performance. There's no padding, although, at 33 minutes, the running time is brief. The sound recording is excellent.
Jim Todd

Source :

Kenny Clarke
Meets the Detroit Jazzmen


1 You Turned the Tables on Me (Alter, Mitchell) 4:42
2 Your Host (Clarke) 5:15
3 Cotton Tail (Adams) 5:31
4 Apothegh (Clarke) 5:22
5 Tricrotism (Clarke) 5:46
6 Afternoon in Paris (Lewis) 5:52
7 Tom's Thumb (Clarke) 6:35

Pepper Adams - bs
Tommy Flanagan - p
Kenny Burrell - g
Paul Chambers - b
Kenny Clarke - dr

Recorded on April 30, 1956 [# 2, 3, 5 & 7] & September 5, 1956 [other selections]


cvllos said...

Re: Clarke meets Detroit
Mel, there are so many attractions you are presenting!
McGhee, previn,now this Clooke.
congratulations for your continuous search on unknown records.

Félix said...

Yes, great session! Chambers & Klook, rare occasion to hear them together. I've got another issue of this session, and some infos differ. Even if allmusic disagree, I tend to believe the version below, as I'm sure Cotton Tail is by Duke and Tricotism by Pettiford:

1. You Turned The Tables On Me (Louis Alter)
2. Your Host (Kenny Burrell)
3. Cotton Tail (Duke Ellington)
4. Apotheghm (Park Adams)
5. Tricotism (Oscar Pettiford)
6. Afternoon In Paris (John Lewis)
7. Tom's Thumb (Tommy Flanagan)
8. But Not For Me (George Gershwin)

By the way Melanchthon, thanks for the countless albums I've been digging thanks to your blog! Always a pleasure to look what's new on Sic Vos Non Vobis.

Bhowani said...

klook meets detroit

thank you melanchthon, I got it already but under a different cover, but I take it to compare the sound !!!

Félix said...

Even the recording dates differ; on my edition (Kenny Clarke Meets The Detroit Jazzmen, Savoy Jazz/Vogue, 1990), it's "April 30, and (1-4 & 6) May 9, 1956". Not that I care, but since I corrected titles...

Blue Eyes said...

Fantastic session with Kenny Burrell ! I love especially his guitar playing of the '50s ! Un grand MERCI Melanchthon for posting this gem !

btw: @ Félix: did you record an album with your guitar?...(Gibson ES-150 cc ?)

chemuski said...

Amo la Costa Oeste Mel, pero Detroit es tambien soberbio. Gran post.

Félix said...

@ Blue Eyes:
Not yet, but I'm very glad of it! After I tested Jimmy Gourley's one, I moved heaven and earth to spot & buy one. Mine is from 1937. I listen to René Thomas & Jimmy Raney most of the time, so it's nice to have this axe. And as it is very acoustic, I can get sort of a Jim Hall sound too.

Philo said...

Kenny Clarke - Meets the Detroit Jazzmen (1956)

The album cover is a bit grim but the music is a delight!


jazzlover said...

You are the fenix ! New and great,excellent post Mel.Thanks.

Blue Eyes said...

@Felix: merci pour ta réponse, yeah, this model is THE jazz guitar of choice, I have seen on eBay this model (1938) sold for $2.300 !?! (1,700 Euros)...I missed that one !...another (1938) is for sale too BUT for $ 20.500 (15.000 Euros) ! :( ...les écarts de prix sont hallucinants mais je ne désespère pas d'en avoir une !

Blue Eyes (big fan of René Thomas)

2bad said...

Merci, Mel.

duck said...

Mel, Words Alone cannot express the gratitude I feel for all your wonderful work. Some time ago I thought you had vanished. Now the sadness has gone, thank you for ever.

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