Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kenny Burrell - 'Round Midnight

This is a typically tasteful Kenny Burrell record with the guitarist mostly emphasizing ballads. Five of the seven songs (which include "Make Someone Happy," "Since I Fell for You" and the theme from "A Streetcar Named Desire") find Burrell assisted by pianist Richard Wyands (who also played electric piano), bassist Reggie Johnson and drummer Lenny McBrowne. "'Round Midnight" is played by Burrell with pianist Joe Sample, bassist Johnson and drummer Paul Humphrey while "Blues in the Night" is an unaccompanied guitar solo. Although the music overall is well-played, no real sparks fly and the results often border on being sleepy.
Scott Yanow

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Kenny Burrell
'Round Midnight


1 A Streetcar Named Desire (North)  6:58
2 Make Someone Happy (Comden, Green, Styne)  5:15
3 'Round Midnight (Hanighen, Monk, Williams)  5:09
4 I Think It's Going to Rain Today (Newman)  4:59
5 Since I Fell for You (Johnson)  4:43
6 I'm Gonna Laugh You Right out of My Life (Coleman, McCarthy)  6:40
7 Blues in the Night (Arlen, Mercer)  3:32


Kenny Burrell - g
Richard Wyands, Joe Sample [# 3] - p
Reggie Johnson - b
Lenny McBrowne, Paul Humphrey [# 3] - dr

Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley ; 1972


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What makes this album so special for me is Joe Sample there is something about his phrasing and he comp's with every one,guitar, vocals what ever is in the musical landscape he is right there to support it and not over whelm it.Thanks for this little gem Rick :-)

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