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John Lewis - The Golden Striker/Presents Jazz Abstractions

One of the less interesting John Lewis "third-stream" projects, this LP features Lewis' "Music for Brass." Six of his originals (four songs from his ballet "The Comedy," "Odds Against Tomorrow" and "The Golden Striker") plus four brief "Fanfares" are performed by four trumpets, two trombones, four French horns, a tuba and Lewis' trio. Although the pianist takes a few solos, the music is mostly written out and frankly rather dull. This set has been long out-of-print.
Scott Yanow 

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 John Lewis
The Golden Striker


1 Fanfare No. 1 0:38
2 Piazza Navona 6:24
3 Odds Against Tomorrow 7:54
4 Fanfare No. 2 0:44
5 Pulcinella 3:54
6 Fanfare No. 2 0:25
7 The Golden Striker 4:55
8 Piazza Di Spagna 4:22
9 Fanfare No. 1 0:40
10 La Cantatrice 5:01

All Compositions by John Lewis


John Lewis - p
Feat. Gunther Schuller, Albert Richman, Ray Alonge, Bernie Glow, Joe Wilder, Dick Hixson, David Baker, Harvey Phillips, George Duvivier, Connie Kay, etc...

Recorded in 1960

John Lewis
Jazz Abstractions


11 Abstraction (Schuller) 4:06
12 Piece for Guitar and Strings (Hall) 6:20
13 a. Variant I 5:25
14 b. Variant II 1:38
15 c. Variant III (Schuller) 3:04
16 a. Variant I 6:20
17 b. Variant II 1:47
18 c. Variant III 3:46
19 d. Variant IV (Schuller) 3:22

[# 11]

Ornette Coleman - as
Jim Hall - g
Scott LaFaro - b
Alvin Brehm - b
Sticks Evans - dr
The Contemporary String Quartet
[# 12]
Same as above, except Coleman, Brehm & Sticks do not appear and Alfred Brown (vl), is added
[# 13-15]
Eric Dolphy - fl
Robert DiDomenica - fl
Jim Hall - g
Eddie Costa - vb
Bill Evans - p
Scott LaFaro - b
George Duvivier - b
Sticks Evans - dr
The Contemporary String Quartet
[# 16-19]

Same as above, except Coleman (as) is added and Dolphy is heard on bcl & as as on fl

Recorded in 1961

Although John Lewis is listed as the leader (this album's alternate title is "John Lewis Presents Contemporary Music"), the pianist does not actually appear on this record and only contributed one piece ("Django"). On what is very much a Gunther Schuller project, Schuller composed "Abstraction" and was responsible for the adventurous three-part "Variants on a Theme of John Lewis (Django)" and the four-part "Variants on a Theme of Thelonious Monk (Criss-Cross)"; Jim Hall contributed "Piece for Guitar & Strings." One of the most successful third stream efforts, this LP combines avant-garde jazz with aspects of classical music. Among the more notable stars, altoist Ornette Coleman is on "Abstraction" and "Criss Cross" (both of which have been reissued in his Rhino CD box) and multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy is on both of the "Variants." Other musicians in the eclectic cast include guitarist Hall, bassist Scott LaFaro, pianist Bill Evans, and several classical string players. This is very interesting music.
Scott Yanow

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Thank you for posting these fascinating sides.

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I am not familiar with the first set, but the second set is killer diller! You might want to only download part 2.

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