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Jimmy Smith - Groovin' at Small's Paradise

These recordings from 1957 are among the most momentous to appear in the Rudy Van Gelder series, marking the first American appearance on CD of these early live recordings and adding four previously unreleased tracks. Accompanied by his regular band of guitarist Eddie McFadden and drummer Donald Bailey, Smith is an extraordinary musical presence, combining the energy of a big band and a sanctified congregation as he serves up kinetic versions of pop songs, jazz standards, and blues. Among the new additions are a scintillating version of Smith's own up-tempo blues feature "The Champ," a marvel of keyboard technique, and a treatment of "Walkin'" that could define the idea of swing. Smith wasn't just using the organ as a jazz instrument, he was creating a new idiom that fused elements of modern jazz and R&B. The extended tunes also highlight a neglected jazz-blues talent in McFadden.
Stuart Broomer

Source :
Jimmy Smith
Groovin' at Small's Paradise
vols. 1-2


Cd. 1

1 Imagination (Burke, VanHeusen) 7:56
2 Walkin' (Carpenter) 11:41
3 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers) 11:03
4 It's Only a Paper Moon (Arlen, Harburg, Rose) 10:28
5 I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Fields, McHugh) 7:00
6 Laura (Mercer, Raksin) 10:28


Cd. 2

1 (Back Home Again In) Indiana (Hanley, MacDonald) 15:40
2 Body and Soul (Eyton, Green, Heyman, Sour) 10:03
3 The Champ (Gillespie) 13:47
4 Lover Man (Davis, Ramirez, Sherman) 7:28
5 Slightly Monkish (Smith) 6:59
6 After Hours (Hawkins, Parrish) 10:58
7 Just Friends (Klenner, Lewis) 6:29

Jimmy Smith - org
Eddie McFadden - g
Donald Bailey - dr

Recorded live at Small's Paradise, New York City ; November 15, 1957


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