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Jazzville, vol. 1-4 (Dawn Records)

1955 was one of the most productive years in jazz history and for virtually te first time in its 60-year life span, jazz had an audience — a real live ticket-buying, record buying, listening, learning and believing audience.
New talent turned up on all sides, and many newcomers served notice on the regning giants that no leader is secure in Jazzville unless he can manage to improve constantly and never goof. From gin mills and Julliard they came, young guys steeped in the tradition of jazz and also in the techniques of the European masters.
Now, on Dawn Records, come Jazzville '56, a new series of recordins designed to report the rapidly evolving jazz scene in terms of outstanding performances by its brighest young denizens. The company has endorsed the idea of allowing the musicians full freedom to express themselves, and has guaranteed them the finest quality hih fidelity recording.
Probably the biggest thrill in the life of a jazz aficionado is the thrill of discovery, and Dawn promises plenty of those thrills via Jazzville '56. Certainly, Volume 1 is an auspicious start...
Bill Simon, Liner notes from "Jazzville" vol. 1 (DLP-1101), from the booklet



Cd. 1


Gene Quill and the Dick Sherman Quintet
1 Blues for the Camels (Katz)  5:34
2 Lover Man (Davis, Sherman, Ramirez)  3:52
3 Achilles Heel (Sherman)  6:07
4 Everything Happens to Me (Adair, Dennis)  3:47
5 Rubbin the Genie* (Sins)  4:57

*bonus track


Frank Rehak Sextet
6 Insomnia (Liston)  3:27
7 Very Syrian Business (Rehak)  4:20
8 Never do an Abadanian In (Rehak, Davis, Jr.)  5:10
9 Zagreb This (Liston)  4:42

Alex Smith Quintet
10 Donnybrook (Smith)  3:17
11 Limehouse Blues (Furber, Braham)  3:17
12 Darn that Dream (DeLange, VanHeusen)  5:42
13 That´s Earl Brothers (Gillespie)  4:50
14 Nothing Could be Finer than Minor (Mattson)  3:31


This second CD follows the format of the other sets, and spotlights different groups, one led by Charlie Smith, another by Aaron Sachs, and others by Hal Serra. In contrast to other "Jazzville" groups, the personnel involved here, though young in years, is a highy seasoned assembly, not all unfamiliar. Both Smith and Sachs have been before the public for over ten years, yet neither has so far had the opportunity to lead a combo on a recording date or to express his ideas with the liberty and amplitude he would have liked. These recordings, therefore, represented a challenge to them, an te listener can see both of these musicians "in the altogether" as in no other disc...
Gary Kramer, liner notes from "Jazzville" vol. 3 (DP-1114), from the booklet

Cd. 2



Charlie Smith Trio
1 Have You Met Miss Jones ? (Rodgers, Hart)  3:22
2 Body And Soul (Sour, Green, Heyman)  4:35
3 Blues For Sal (Goodman, Hampton)  5:28
4 Flying Home (Goodman, Hampton)  2:35

Aaron Sachs Sextet
5 Aaron´S Blues (Sachs)  3:09
6 You´re My Thrill (Clare, Gorney)  3:04
7 Platter Pie (Sachs)  3:51
8 Why Shouldn´t I ? (Porter)  2:35
9 Ah ! The Pain (Verplanck)  3:42




Hal Serra Trio
10 Everything I´Ve Got Belongs To You (Hart, Rodgers)  3:12
11 Irma (Serra)  3:57
12 Things I Love (Barlow, Harris, Tchaikovksy)  3:43

Hal Serra Quartet
13 Why Was I Born (Kern, Hammerstein)  5:31
14 Suddenly it´s Spring (VanHeusen, Burke)  4:04
15 My Future Just Passed* (Whithing, Marion Jr.)  3:55

Hal Serra Quintet
16 Enchanted April* (Raye, DePaul)  4:33

Hal & Peggy Serra
17 Lover Come Back to Me* (Rodgers, Hart)  3:01

Peggy Serra & Oscar Pettiford
18 Ain´t Misbehavin'* (Waller, Brooks, Razaf)  6:46

*This four last tracks are not on the original LP,
first issued on DLP-1125 (New Voices)


Feat. Aaron Sachs, Dick Sherman, Eddie Mattson, Dick Garcia, Frank Rehak, Melba Liston, Gene Quill, Norm Marnell, Marty Flax, Dick Katz, Walter Davis Jr., Alex Smith, Teddy Kotick, Nelson Boyd, Paul Worthington, Art Taylor, Oscar Pettiford, Charlie Persip, etc...

Recorded between 1956 & 1959 

Tracks 1-6 from orignal Dawn Jazzville vol. 1
(Side 1 "1-4 : Charlie Rouse & the Julius Watkins Quintet ) are posted here
Tracks 1-4 from original Dawn Jazzville vol. 4
(Side 1 "1-6 : Paul Quinichette with the Gene Roland Sextet) are posted here

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