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Jack Sheldon - The Quartet & The Quintet

Key early work from trumpeter Jack Sheldon — a set that captures his talents at their most basic and most stripped-down — very much in the spirit of the best LA jazz coming out on the Pacific Jazz label at the time! If the cover makes the set look a bit like a Chet Baker album, that's because there's a bit of the Baker approach here — one that's simple and focused, with a strongly melodic style that comes through beautifully on Sheldon's shimmering horn. But there's also a bit more of an edge, too — thanks to bold piano work from Walter Norris, and the addition of Zoot Sims on a number of tracks — and unlike Baker (or Sheldon on later records), there's no vocals here at all — just a strong instrumental groove. Titles include "Beach-Wise", "Groovus Mentus", "Dozo", "Jack Departs", and "Palermo Walk".

Source : https://www.dustygroove.com/item/19294

Jack Sheldon
The Quartet & The Quintet


1 Get Out of Town (Porter)  2:32
2 Ah, Moore (Cohn)  3:11
3 Dozo (Norris)  2:40
4 Mad about the Boy (Coward)  2:52
5 Toot Sweet (Peña)  2:50
6 Jack’s Depart (Norris)  3:04
7 What is There to Say (Duke)  3:36
8 Groovus Mentus (Sheldon)  3:56
9 Beach-Wise (Whitlock)  3:10
10 Palermo Walk (Whitlock)  3:15
11 Blues (trad.)   4:44
12 Irresistible You (Ray, DePaul)  3:57
13 Guatemala (Norris)  3:22
14 I’m Getting Sentimental over You (Washington)  3:44


[# 1-6]
Jack Sheldon - tp
Walter Norris - p
Ralph Peña - b
Gene Gammage - dr
Recorded at Western Studios, Hollywood ; August 22 & September 4, 1954
[# 7-14]
Jack Sheldon - tp
Zoot Sims - ts
Walter Norris - p
Bob Whitlock - b
Lawrence Marable - dr
Recorded at Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood ; April 4, 1955


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I saw Jack many times at Donte's and at Mulberry Street in North Hollywood. He was always funny and played great. Jack Marshal and occassionally Richie Kamuca woouuld join in his live group. A fantastic time!

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