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Herb Ellis - Nothing but the Blues

Guitarist Herb Ellis considers this is his favorite personal album and it is easy to see why. With trumpeter Roy Eldridge and tenor saxophonist Stan Getz contributing contrasting but equally rewarding solos and lots of inspired riffing while bassist Ray Brown and drummer Stan Levey join Ellis in the pianoless rhythm section, these performances have plenty of color and drive. Ellis does indeed stick to the blues during the original eight selections yet there is also a surprising amount of variety. This CD reissue has been augmented by four numbers from 1958 originally recorded for a European soundtrack. Getz, Eldridge, and Coleman Hawkins all have their features but Dizzy Gillespie fares best.
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Herb Ellis
Nothing But the Blues


1 Pap's Blues (Brown, Brown)  7:06
2 Big Red's Boogie Woogie (Brunies, Ellis)  5:39
3 Tin Roof Blues (Brunis, Brunies, Mares)  3:00
4 Soft Winds (Goodman)  6:02
5 Royal Garden Blues (Williams, Williams)  4:46
6 Patti Cake (Ellis)  6:02
7 Blues for Janet (Brown, Ellis, Smith)  7:13
8 Blues for Junior (Brown)  4:51
9 Les Tricheurs (Eldridge, Eldridge, Getz)  3:12
10 Clo's Blues (Hawkins)  3:20
11 Phil's Tune (Eldridge)  4:20
12 Mic's Jump (Gillespie)  2:16

[# 1-8]
Herb Ellis - g
Roy Eldridge - tp
Stan Getz - ts
Ray Brown - b
Stan Levey - dr
Recorded in Hollywood, California ; October 11-12, 1957
[# 9-12]

Herb Ellis - g
Roy Eldridge - tp
Dizzy Gillespie - tp
Stan Getz - ts
Coleman Hawkins - ts
Oscar peterson - p
Ray Brown - b
Gus Johnson - dr
Recorded in Paris ; May 1, 1958

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Orbyt said...

A perfect example of Herb's genius! HIGHLY recommend this.

Terry said...

"Nothing But The Blues" has always been one of my favourite recordings but I had never heard the bonus tracks with Diz, Getz etc which are indeed a bonus. Thank you.

Quadrados Rolantes said...

Got To check the movie... Thank, Mel.

Anonymous said...

any idea about the password on this?
tried bloom, melanchthon and baruch but neither worked for me

deGallo said...

Thank you. HE in my top 5 jazz guitarists. The PW melanchthon worked fine.

Jonathan F. King said...

In re the comment by 'anonymous' on passwords: I did notice in this case that the 'M' in melanchthon needed to be lower-case to open this file. My impression is that it's more typically capitalized.

jazzcat1228 said...

Thank you, Mel!

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