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Charlie Parker on Dial - 1946-1947 (Spotlite)

In 1993, the British Spotlite Jazz label released a four-CD set documenting Charlie Parker's entire recorded output for the Dial label during the years 1946 and 1947. This monster stash, containing 89 tracks amounting to more than four hours of classic Bird, includes every locatable alternate take and rejected excerpt, as well as eight sides privately recorded at a house party that was held as a benefit for Charlie Parker after he was released from Camarillo State Mental Hospital where he had spent months recovering from a heroin and alcohol induced breakdown. Two of the rare acetates from this informal gathering are encrusted with scratchy surface noise; those who truly love Charlie Parker will cherish these artifacts, warts and all. Spotlite's Complete Charlie Parker on Dial is divided into West Coast and East Coast sessions. Two separate booklets are crammed with insights, discographic information, and historic photographs. (The only glaring defect in the liner notes is an inane and scientifically incorrect reference to Bird having undergone "involuntary withdrawal from psychedelics." Obviously, he suffered during withdrawal from narcotics, not psychedelics; had he survived into the '60s, it is quite possible that Yardbird would have found ways to incorporate LSD into his private illicit pharmacopoeia.) Charlie Parker's Dial recordings document his tragedies and triumphs over a span of 22 months during which he at last began to achieve wider recognition and some measure of respect from the public as well as the hip fringe of the postwar entertainment industry.
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Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker on Dial
The Complete Sessions


Cd. 1

1 Diggin' Diz (Gillespie)  2:55
2 Moose The Mooche [take 1] (Parker)  3:00
3 Moose The Mooche [take 2, Released] (Parker)  3:05
4 Moose The Mooche [take 3] (Parker)  2:58
5 Yardbird Suite [take 1] (Parker)  2:41
6 Yardbird Suite [take 4, Released] (Parker)  2:57
7 Ornitology [take 1] (Parker)  3:04
8 Ornithology [take 3, Bird Lore] (Parker)  3:19
9 Ornithology [take 4] (Parker)  3:01
10 Night in Tunisia [Excerpt] (The Famous Alto Break) (Gillespie, Paparelli)  0:50
11 Night In Tunisia [take 4] (Gillespie, Paparelli)  3:07
12 Night In Tunisia [take 5, Released] (Gillespie, Paparelli)  3:04
13 Max Making Wax (McGhee)  2:33
14 Lover Man (Davis, Ramirez, Sherman)  3:22
15 The Gypsy (Reid)  3:05
16 Bebop (Gillespie)  2:55
17 Yardbird Suite (Parker)  2:14
18 Blues on the Sofa (Parker)  0 :47
19 Kopely Plaza Blues (Parker)  1:06
20 Lullaby in Rhythm, Pt. 1 [1] (Goodman, Sampson)  1:32
21 Lullaby in Rhythm, Pt. 2 [2] (Goodman, Sampson)  1:34
22 Home Cooking (Opus) (McKusick)  2:24
23 Home Cooking (Cherokee) (Noble)  2:09
24 Home Cooking (I Got Rhythm) (Gershwin)  2:27

Cd. 2

1 This Is Always [take C, Master] (Gordon, Warren)  3:18
2 This Is Always [take D, Alternate] (Gordon, Warren)  3:13
3 Dark Shadows [take A, Alternate] (Coleman, Henry)  4:06
4 Dark Shadows [take B, Alternate] (Coleman, Henry)  3:13
5 Dark Shadows [take C, Master] (Coleman, Henry)  3:09
6 Dark Shadows [take D, Alternate] (Coleman, Henry)  3:01
7 Bird's Nest [take A, Master 1] (Parker)  2:55
8 Bird's Nest [take B, Alternate] (Parker)  2:53
9 Bird's Nest [take C, Master 2] (Parker)  2:46
10 Cool Blues [take A, Alternate - Aka 'Hot Blues'] (Hot Blues) (Parker)  2:01
11 Cool Blues [take B, Alternate - Aka 'Blowtop Blues'] (Blowtop Blues) (Parker)  2:26
12 Cool Blues [take C, Master] (Parker)  3:11
13 Cool Blues [take D, Alternate] (Parker)  2:54
14 Relaxin' at Camarillo [take A] (Parker)  3:10
15 Relaxin' at Camarillo [take C] (Parker)  3:09
16 Relaxin' at Camarillo [take D] (Parker)  3:04
17 Relaxin' at Camarillo [take E] (Parker)  3:02
18 Cheers [take A] (McGhee)  3:12
19 Cheers [take B] (McGhee)  3:07
20 Cheers [take C] (McGhee)  3:07
21 Cheers [take D] (McGhee)  3:07
22 Carvin' The Bird [take A, Alternate] (McGhee)  2:47
23 Carvin' The Bird [take B, Master] (McGhee)  2:47
24 Stupendous [take A, Master] (Broiles, McGhee)  2:57
25 Stupendous [take B, Alternate - Aka 'Surprising'] (Broiles, McGhee)  2:54

Cd. 3

1 Dexterity [take A, Alternate] (Parker)  3:01
2 Dexterity [take B, Master] (Parker)  3:01
3 Bongo Bop [take A, Master - Aka 'Blues'] (Parker)  2:48
4 Bongo Bop [b, Alternate- Aka 'Blues' And 'Parker's Blues'] Bop (Parker)  2:47
5 Dewey Square [take A, Alternate] (Prezology) (Parker)  3:32
6 Dewey Square [take B, Alternate] (Parker)  3:05
7 Dewey Square [take C, Master] (Parker)  3:11
8 The Hymn [take A, Master] (Parker)  2:34
9 The Hymn [b, Alternate - Originally As 'Superman'] (Parker)  2:31
10 Bird Of Paradise [take A] (Kern)  3:11
11 Bird Of Paradise [take B] (Parker)  3:13
12 Bird Of Paradise [take C] (Parker)  3:13
13 Embraceable You [take A] (Gershwin)  3:49
14 Embraceable You [take B] (Gershwin)  3:26
15 Bird Feathers [c, Master - Aka 'Schnourphology'] (Parker)  2:54
16 Klact-oveeseds-tene [take A, Master] (Parker)  3:08
17 Klact-oveeseds-tene [take B, Alternate] (Parker)  3:09
18 Scrapple From The Apple [take B, Alternate] (Parker)  2:42
19 Scrapple From The Apple [c, Master- Aka 'Little Be-bop'] (Parker)  2:58

Cd. 4

1 My Old Flame [take A, Master] (Coslow, Johnston)  3:17
2 Out Of Nowhere [take A] (Green, Heyman)  4:06
3 Out Of Nowhere [take B] (Green, Heyman)  3:53
4 Out Of Nowhere [take C] (Green, Heyman)  3:08
5 Don't Blame Me [take A, Master] (Fields, McHugh)  2:51
6 Drifting On A Reed [take B, Alternate Aka 'Giant Swing'] (Parker)  2:59
7 Drifting On A Reed [take D, Alternate] (Parker)  2:56
8 Drifting On A Reed [e, Master Aka 'Air Conditioning'] (Parker)  2:55
9 Quasimado (quasimodo) [take A, Alternate] (Parker)  2:57
10 Quasimado (quasimodo) [take B, Master Aka 'Trade Winds'] (Parker)  2:55
11 Charlie's Wig [take B, Alternate Aka 'Bongo Bop'] (Parker)  2:49
12 Charlie's Wig [d, Alternate Aka 'Drifting On A Road'] (Parker)  2:49
13 Charlie's Wig [take E, Master] (Parker)  2:45
14 Charlie's Wig [take E, Master] (Dexterity) (Parker)  3:00
15 Bongo Beep [take C Aka 'Bird Feathers And Charlie's Wig'] (Bird Feathers) (Parker)  3:00
16 Crazeology (little Benny) [take A, Excerpt] (Harris)  1:03
17 Crazeology (little Benny) [take B, Excerpt] (Harris)  0:35
18 Crazeology (little Benny) [take C, Alternate] (Harris)  3:00
19 Crazeology (little Benny) [d, Master 2] (Harris)  3:00
20 How Deep Is The Ocean [take A, Master] (Kern)  3:26
21 How Deep Is The Ocean [take B, Alternate] (Kern)  3:07

Feat. Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Lucky Thompson, George Handy, Arvin Garrison, Ray Brown, Stan Levey, Dodo Marmarosa, Vic McMillan, Roy Porter, Jimmy Bunn, Bob Kesterson, Howard McGhee, Erroll Garner, Red Callender, Doc West, Earl Coleman, Barney Kessel, Don Lamond, Miles Davis, Duke Jordan, Tommy Potter, Max Roach, etc...

Recorded between February 5, 1946 & December 17, 1947

(See the complete artwork)


Otis Foster said...

Great share.

Useless info: Spotlite was founded by Tony Williams, whom Al Haig lived with for a while when he was in the UK.

Kovina Kris said...

Really sweet post Baruch. Thank you very much! There's a reason why Parker is one of the greatest of all time and this will give me a chance to hear more proof of why that is.

@Otis Foster - That info may be trivial but it's not useless!

jazzcat1228 said...

Excellent! Thank you for this great share.

Olde Edo said...

Thank you so much for posting this with the artwork.
I have a Japanese release of this set, but it is missing the private recordings and of course, the documentation is all in Japanese (don't recall if it is a translation from the English or just new articles written by Japanese critics). It will be nice to read the original documentation!

reservatory said...

Thank you, thank you for this. I've got three of the Spotlite lps, and the outtakes on stuff like Out Of Nowhere are essential.

reservatory said...

Sorry to sound like an ungrateful old crank, biting the hand that feeds, etc, but I downloaded the whole thing this afternoon and have spent the last 30 minutes trying to track down the password. The PW link doesn't help because of Rapidshare's latest limits and permission nonsense. I've tried melanchthon, baruch and bloom, using all lower case as well as with the first letter capitalized. No luck. I have been using Zippyshare for my uploads since the great global file apocalypse last January and have no complaints. Simple to use, no download limits, etc., etc. I'm dying to hear this and hopefully will some day... Please reconsider your upload choice? Please??

virtualreel said...

all those complaints of people,who want everithing for nothing.
just buy the 4 cd box for money,it s a good spend

virtualreel said...

once i met tony williams in delft on his way to paris to meet chan parker.i bought that time some original vinyl with also material of tadd dameron

reservatory said...

I already have the Jazz Classics 4cd set, but this one has better notes and (apparently) better sound and is basically classier all around.

ProfessorCalculus said...

Another Gem, Thanks Thanks and Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for your great posts - any chance of a re-up of this Charlie Parker on Dial (Spotlite) 4CD set please? It would be much appreciated!

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Sorry to be a pain. I'm trying to unzip the 8 files for Parker on Dial - but no luck. I have the password, I'm using 7-Zip - but all I get is warnings about overwriting existing files etc. I've been using 7-Zip for years now, so I'm puzzled. I've tried all the options that 7-Zip offers, but all I end up with is an empty folder. Diagnostic says "could not delete" each file?

I'm obviously doing something wrong!