Sunday, May 20, 2012

Duke Robillard - Swing

While he makes his fame and fortune cutting blues-rock, guitarist Duke Robillard periodically issues albums of stylish, restrained, subtly swinging jazzy material. This date includes guest appearances from swing-influenced contemporary instrumentalists such as tenor saxophonist Scott Hamilton and guitarist Chris Flory, who teams with Robillard on "Glide On" for some excellent twin guitar fireworks. Otherwise, it's Jim Kelly who matches licks with Robillard on "Jim Jam" and "What's Your Story, Morning Glory." It's relaxed, elegant music, with just enough grit to keep things interesting.
Ron Wynn

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Duke Robillard


1 Cadillac Slim (Catlett)  4:34
2 Jumpin' Blues (McShann, Parker)  4:21
3 I'll Always Be in Love with You (Green, Ruby, Stept)  3:32
4 Jim Jam (Kelly, Robillard)  4:06
5 What's Your Story, Morning Glory ? (Lawrence, Webster, Williams)  8:03
6 Zot (Robillard)  3:10
7 Exactly Like You (Fields, McHugh)  5:40
8 Stitt's Bitts (Stitt)  3:14
9 Shufflin' with Some Barbeque (Robillard)  5:44
10 Durn Tootin' (Grimes)  4:47
11 You'd Better Change Your Ways (Gabler, Greaves)  2:54
12 Glide On (Wilson)  7:56

Duke Robillard - g & vcl
Scott Hamilton - ts
Chris Flory - rht g
Jim Kelly - g [# 4 & 5]
Mike LeDonne - p & org
Phil Flanigan - b
Chuck Riggs - dr

Recorded at Blue Jay Studio, Carliste, Massachusetts ; September, 1986


Melanchthon said...

Orbyt said...

Looks tasty. Thanks for posting this rarity, Mel.

Pippo said...

Thank you Mel, nice share of very pleasant music. One of the most entertaining in some time.

Philo said...

I have this CD and can recommend it.

Relaxed, enjoyable music. Melodies you can whistle, rhythms you can tap your toes to, chord structures that are harmonic. It is all quite musical while demonstrating high technical competence.

luthier said...

Thank you for Duke Robillard - Swing.

Somebody mentioned this album on the Jazz Guitar Forum a few days ago and I really wanted to hear it. Glad to have had the chance because it is truly excellent. Thanks again.

rubberduck said...

I didnt give too much attention to Mr Robillard, but this CD is really a nice discover.

many thanks, Mel