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The Gary McFarland Orchestra

A stirring, beautiful score and certainly one of McFarland's very best. His painterly talents at evoking moods succeed most brilliantly here. The album is like a soundtrack celebrating the excitement of a big urban wonderland. The compositions are first-rate, McFarland's occasional vibes playing is simple and perfect. Bill Evans buoys the event with his graceful, individual style. The whole record represents a beautiful moment in jazz and richly deserves to be issued on CD.
Douglas Payne

Source :

Gary McFarland
Special Guest Soloist Bill Evans


1 Relections in the Park (McFarland)  3:47
2 Night Images (McFarland)  5:55
3 Tree Patterns (McFarland)  4:59
4 Peach Tree (McFarland)  5:08
5 Misplaced Cowpoke (McFarland)  10:15
6 A Moment Alone (McFarland)  6:15

Gary McFarland - vb
Bill Evans - p
Jim Hall - g
Phil Woods & Spencer Sinatra - rds
Richard Davis - b
Ed Shaughnessy - dr
Julian Barber, Alla Goldberg, Aaron Juvelier & Jospeh Tekula - str

Recorded at Webster Hall, New York City ; December 18, 1962 & January 24, 1963


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