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Be Bop Revisited, vol. 1

The changes wrought in jazz immediately before and after the United States' involment in World Warr II were dramatic, emphatic and final. No subsequent evolution of the music has been quite so drastic and complete. When older musicians returned drom overseas hitches in European and Pacific theatres of war discovered that victories had been fought and won by young players at home.
Stereotyped swing had gone out of the window and the new improvisers had evolved new rhythmic, harmonic and melodic concepts. Radical though these developments were, bebop was firmly in earlier styles and the way had been pointed by Lester Young, Charlie Christian, Jimmy Blanton and other forward thinkers years earlier.
Coupled with desintegration of the big bands, wich would be all but complete by the end of the 1940s, come a recording boom that offered small groups from 52nd Stret and from the big bands, free rein. The times themselves dictated a change. An insecure world demanded new sounds, reflecting the headlong, frantic lifestyle that followed release from conflict.
Xanadu's "Be Bop Revisited series" is intented to document the jazz of those crucial years.
Mark gardner
From the booklet.

Be Bop Revisited
vol. 1
Charlie Parker, Lucky Thompson, Teddy Edwards
Chubby Jackson

Aaron Sachs


1 Anthopology (Parker, Gillespie) 5:47
2 Cheers (Parker) 6:24
3 Lover man (Ramirez) 1:50
4 Cool Blues (Parker) 1:50
5 Aaron's Axe (Kahn) 2:25
6 Tiny's Con (Kahn) 2:38
7 Sam Beeps and Bops (Kahn) 2:25
8 Patsy's Idea (DiNovi) 2:46
9 Fairy Dance (Edwards) 2:44
10 It's the Talk of the Town (Livingston, Symes, Neiburg) 2:47
11 Wonderful Work (Edwards) 2:40
12 Teddy's Tune (Edwards) 2:51
13 Lemon Drop (Wallington) 2:57
14 Crying Sands (Jackson) 2:53
15 Begin the Beguine (Porter) 2:59
16 Crown Pilots (Candoli) 2:47
17 Boomsie (Candoli, Socolow, Jackson) 2:48
18 Dee Dee's Dance (Best) 2:31
19 How High the Moon (Lewis, Hamilton) 2:46
20 Mellow Mood (Marmarosa) 3:05
21 I Surrender Dear (Clifford, Barris) 2:13
22 Dodo's Blues (Marmarosa) 3:05

[# 1-4] Charlie Parker & the Swedish All Stars
Charlie Parker - as
Rolf Ericson - tp
Gosta Theselius - p
Thore Jederby - b
Jack Nören - dr
Recorded at Admiral Dance Hall, Malmoë, Sweden ; November 22, 1950
[# 5-8] Aaron Sachs Manor Re-Bops
Aaron Sachs - cl
Terry Gibbs - vb
Gene DiNovi - p
Clyde Lombardi - b
Tiny Kahn - dr
Recorded in New York City ; June 8, 1946
[# 9-12] Teddy Edwards Quintet
Herbie Harper - tb
Teddy Edwards - ts
Hampton Hawes - p
Iggy Shevack - b
Roy Porter - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; October 1948
[# 13-18] Chubby Jackson's Fifth Dimensonial Jazz Group
Conte Candoli - tp
Frank Socolow - ts
Lou Levy - p
Terry Gibbs - vb
Chubby Jackson - b
Denzil Best - dr
Recorded in Sweden ; December 20, 1947 & January 1, 1948 [# 17-18]
[# 19-22] Lucky Thompson Quartet
Lucky Thompson - ts
Dodo Marmarosa - p
Ray Brown - b
Jackie Mills - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; January 11, 1946


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