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Marcelle Meyer Plays Chopin, Debussy & de Falla

Marcelle Meyer was a pianist linked to a certain milieu, the muse of a brilliant social world that was interested in the mind, yet never took itself too seriously, and enjoyed being gregarious. This milieu was immortalized by Jacques-Emile Blanche (who seems to have got it just about right by including Marcelle in the middle of a painting called Le Groupe des Six. She is wearing a Spanish gown adorned with bright flowers, her black hair tied in a chignon). Another member of this Groupe des Six was the abbé Mugnier, who used to hear the confessions of Le Tout-Paris. He used to turn up in a well-worn cassock. Wich makes it all the more extraordinary that in April 1922, Marcelle Meyer took part, along with Milhaud, Bartók and Marya Freund, in a highly intellectual symposium organized by Henry Prunières at the Sorbonne on the theme of the 'mouvement musical contemporain en Europe.' It was more common to find her most evenings, together with Les Six, at the bar Gaya, watching a performance by the mime artists — the Fratellini brothers — at the Medrano Circus, or paying a social call on the Countess Marie-Laure de Noailles and the Marchioness de Cassa Fuerte...
© Anne-Marie Di Veto & Frédéric Gaussin
From the booklet

Marcelle Meyer
Chopin, Debussy
de Falla


Frédéric Chopin

1 Barcarolle, op. 60  7:34

Date d'enregistrement inconnue
(archive INA)

Claude Debussy

Images pour le piano
Livre I
2 Reflets dans l'eau  4:45
3 Hommage à Rameau  6:26
4 Mouvement  3:06

Images pour le piano
Livre II
5 Cloches à travers les feuilles  4:00
6 Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut  5:37
7 Poissons d'or  3:34

Enregistrement de la RAI ; 7 avril 1957

Manuel de Falla

Noches en los Jardines de España
8 Au Generalife  9:36
9 Danse lointaine  4:42
10 Dans les Jardins de la Sierra de Cordoue  8:15

Orchestre de la RAI de Rome, sous la direction de Mario Rossi
Enregistrement : 12 mai 1958


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