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Horowitz Plays Prokofiev, Barber & Kabalevsky

From the beginning of his career Vladimir Horowitz showed an Afinity for Prokofiev's "highly pulsating music", as Samuel Chotzinoff once described it, "with lyrical oases designed to relieve the nerves and the tension of both listener and performer. Prokofiev speaks out loud and bold, and the reponsive Horowitz gave his heart, mind and vurtuosity to the turbulent, granitic, insistent music with its bittersweet lyrical interludes." Horowitz gave the first American performances of Prokofiev's Sith, Seventh and Eighth Sonatas. Called "War" Sonatas by the composer, they were completed in 1941, '42 and '43 recpevitvely. Horowitz played the Seventh at a semi-private concert at the Soviet Consulate in New York in January 1944 and then performed it publicly two months later. When he recorded it he sent the first copy to Prokofiev, who, in return, sent an autographed copy of the score inscirbed "to the miraculous pianist from the composer"...
From the booklet, Traduction : Byword, London

Vladimir Horowitz


Sergueï Prokofiev

Piano Sonata n° 7, in B-flat, Op. 83
1 I. Allegro inquieto ; Andantino  8:16
2 II. Andante caloroso  5:23
3 III. Precipitato  3:44
Recorded September 22 & October 6, 1945

Samuel Barber

Piano Sonata, Op. 26
4 I. Allegro energico  6:23
5 II. Allegro vivace e leggero  1:54
6 III. Adagio mesto  5:38
7 IV. Fuga : Allegro con spirito  4:34
Recorded May 15, 1950

Dmitri Kabalevsky

Piano Sonata n° 3, Op. 46
8 I. Allegro con moto  5:42
9 II. Andante cantabile  4:54
10 III. Allegro giocoso  4:53
Recorded December 22, 1947

Sergueï Prokofiev


11 Toccata in C, Op. 11  4:00
Recorded November 21, 1947

Gabriel Fauré

12 Nocturne n° 13 in B Minor, Op. 119  7:25
Recorded June 22, 1976

Francis Poulenc

13 Presto in B-flat  1:19
Recorded May 16, 1947


Vladimir Horowitz - p


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