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Sviatoslav Richter in Prague (Liszt & Prokofiev)

The 1st Concerto of Liszt was begun in 1839 but only finished ten years later, and was performed by the composer in 1855, under the direction of Berlioz. It is dedicated to Henry Litolff, another freat virtuoso of the time. The time it took for such a profile composer to finish a relatively short score bears witness to the difficulty of finding the balance between the cyclic construction of the piece and the freedom of its rhapsodic invention, between the melodic clarity of the themes and the proliferation of the composers virtuosity - a virtuosity which, in fact, is much more strictly organised than it appears at first listening. The balance of the total form, also, an assembly in which the four traditional movements are clearly delimited whithout being really separated. The first movement is all panache, heroic impulsiveness coloured with gypsy verve, but there are also melodic arrangements and some lovely orchestral solos. In the Quasi adagio which follows, the strings expose a slow theme which is taken up by the piano ver arpeggio background, then a transitory episode from which rises the graceful motif of the flute. The Allegretto vivace which follows immediately is a scherzo, which highlights the upper register of the piano and timbre of the triangle, and then recalls the themes of the first movement, serving thus as a re-exposition. The final Allegro maziale animato is based on the theme of the second movement, transformed here into a martial clarion call...
André Lischke, from the booklet

Sviatoslav Richter
in Prague
Liszt & Prokofiev


Franz Liszt

Piano Concerto n° 1 in E-flat major

1 Allegro maestoso  5:00
2 Quasi adagio  4:41
3 Allegretto vivace - Allegro marziale animato  7:37


Serguei Prokofiev

Piano Sonata n° 2 in D minor, Op. 14

4 I. Allegro ma non troppo  6:53
5 II. Scherzo  1:53
6 III. Andante  5:20
7 IV. Vivace  4:36

Piano Sonata n° 6 in A minor, Op. 82

8 I. Allegro moderato  8:26
9 II. Allegretto  3:47
10 III. Tempo di valzer lentissimio  6:36
11 IV. Vivace  6:26


Sviatoslav Richter - p
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra/Karel Ančerl - dir

Recorded Czech Radio Broadcasts, Prague ; June 6, 1954 [# 1-3] ; & Feburary 2, 1965 [# 4-11]

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