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Cool, Calm & Collected Frank Strozier

This advanced hard bop session from 1960 was previously unreleased until it appeared on a Vee-Jay CD in 1994. Altoist Frank Strozier is heard with a Chicago-based trio comprised of pianist Billy Wallace, bassist Bill Lee and drummer Vernell Fournier. The CD really gives listeners two records in one because of the seven songs, all but one are heard in two versions and two of the pieces are heard three times. Strozier is in fine form, the obscure Billy Wallace (mistakenly called Wallace Williams in the liner notes) plays some fiery solos and the performances are satisfying. Still, due to the duplicate titles, one might not want to consume the whole program in one sitting.
Scott Yanow

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Frank Strozier
Cool, Calm and Collected


1 Cloudy and Cool (Strozier ?) 6:05
2 She (Ellington) 5:04
3 No More (Camarata, Russell) 3:59
4 Day In - Day Out (Bloom, Mercer) 4:33
5 Nice 'N' Easy (Bergman, Bregman, Spence) 5:24
6 Chris (Strozier) 4:22
7 Stairway to the Stars (Malneck, Parish, Signorelli) 2:22
8 Cloudy and Cool (Strozier ?) [short version] 4:08
9 Cloudy and Cool (Strozier ?) [take 1] 7:20
10 Nice 'N' Easy [short version] (Bergman, Bregman, Spence 2:42
11 Nice 'N' Easy [take 3] (Bergman, Bregman, Spence) 5:24
12 She [take 3] (Ellington) 5:02
13 Day In - Day Out [take 2] (Bloom, Mercer) 4:03
14 Chris [take 4] (Strozier) 4:26
15 No More [take 1] (Camarata, Russell) 5:31

Frank Strozier - as
Billy Wallace - p
Bill Lee - b
Vernell Fournier - dr

Recorded at Universal Recording Studios A, Chicago ; October 13, 1960


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