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Grant Green - Standards

In 1998, Blue Note released several CDs of previously unavailable (at least domestically) material from its prime years under the title of Standards. Some are not up to the level of the label's best output, but this outing is a definite exception. Guitarist Grant Green is heard in prime form in a sparse trio with bassist Wilbur Ware and drummer Al Harewood. Six of the eight performances were previously available in Japan as an LP but never before in the U.S. Because Green rarely ever played chords, sticking to single-note lines, hearing him in this setting is similar to hearing a tenor in a pianoless trio. Highlights include "Love Walked In," "I'll Remember April," "All the Things You Are," and two versions of "If I Had You." Recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Grant Green


1 You Stepped Out of a Dream (Brown, Kahn)  4:57
2 Love Walked In (Gershwin, Gershwin)  6:32
3 If I Had You (Berlin)  7:07
4 I'll Remember April (DePaul, Johnston, Johnston, Raye)  9:06
5 You and the Night and the Music (Dietz, Schwartz)  8:12
6 All the Things You Are (Hammerstein, Kern)  8:13
7 I Remember You (Mercer, Schertzinger)  5:33
8 If I Had You (Berlin)  7:09


Grant Green - g
Wilbur Ware - b
Al Harewood - dr

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; August 29, 1961


Félix said...

Love this recording, Grant Green is great, single note playing with the hell of a rhythm section!
Different from Green Street, his other guitar/bass/drums trio recording. Both are excellent anyway.

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Thanks for this, looking forward to it.

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Very nice to get this GG album that I didn't have. Thank you!

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grant is getting like art blakey, albums just keep popping up like new releases,thanks

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Moltes GRacies

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Outstanding! Thank you.

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Grant Green ,Miam Miam,Merci.

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Mel, just wanted to inform you that the links are dead!
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