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Frank Strozier

Altoist Frank Strozier's first session as a leader has been reissued on this Vee Jay CD with the original six selections joined by five additional and previously unreleased performances, only one of which is actually an alternate take. The altoist's quintet consists of Miles Davis' rhythm section of the time (pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers, and drummer Jimmy Cobb), along with the late, great trumpeter Booker Little. The music, mostly comprised of Strozier originals, is advanced hard bop, and the music is both enjoyable and (due to Little's presence) somewhat historic.
Scott Yanow
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Frank Strozier
Fantastic Frank Strozier


1 W.K. Blues (Kelly) 4:06
2 A Starling's Theme (Strozier) 5:25
3 I Don't Know (Strozier) 8:18
4 Waltz of the Demons (Little) 5:40
5 Runnin' (Strozier) 4:18
6 Off Shore (Diamond, Goldsen) 6:50
7 Luck A Deuce (Diamond) 9:55
8 Run (Strozier) 3:38
9 Tibbit (Strozier) 9:49
10 Just in Time (Comden, Green, Styne) 7:28
11 Off Shore [Take 3] (Diamond, Goldsen) 6:32

Frank Strozier - as
Booker Little - tp
Wynton Kelly - p
Paul Chambers - b
Jimmy Cobb - dr

Recorded at Fine Recording Studios & Bell Sound Studio, New York City ; [# 1, 2, 7-9 & 10] December 9, 1959 & [# 3-6 & 11] February 3, 1960


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