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Early Jazz Messengers feat. Art Blakey - Ritual

A very hard swingin' album by Art and an early version of the Messengers (with Jackie McLean, Bill Hardman, Sam Dockery, and Spanky DeBrest). And despite the fact that the record was on Pacific Jazz, who often put out cleaner west coast material, this session crackles with the hard New York energy of sides that this version of The Messengers cut for labels like Savoy, Vik, and Chess during the same time. McLean's edgey alto's in great form, and his solos are a treat throughout. Tracks include "Touche", "Sam's Tune", "Once Upon A Groove", and "Wake Up".
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Art Blakey
The Modern Jazz Messengers


1 Little T. (Byrd)  8:46
2 Exhibit A (Blakey, Sears)  6:44
3 Scotch Blues (Jordan)  8:31
4 Once Upon a Groove (Marshall)  8:36
5 Sam's Tune (Dockery)  5:52
6 Touche (Waldron)  6:16
7 Wake Up ! (Sears)  5:04
8 Art Blakey's Comments on Ritual (Blakey)  1:55
9 Ritual (Blakey)  9:59


Art Blakey - dr
Jackie McLean - as
Bill Hardman - tp
Sam Dockery - p
Spanky DeBrest - b

Recorded in New York City ; January 14 [# 1, 4-6] ; & February 11, 1957 [all others]
Interesting, uneven '57 date that contains a lengthy drum piece by Blakey. This was not his greatest group, although alto saxophonist Jackie McLean was among the hardest blowers he ever employed. Bassist Spanky Debrest and trumpeter Bill Hardman were good musicians, but a notch below the others who filled their roles in future Messenger editions.
Ron Wynn

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This is one of my favorite Messengers lineups. Not the biggest names but they really swung. And I disagree with the reviewer's opinion of Bill Hardman; while "underrated" is a word sometimes too liberally applied to obscure musicians, in Hardman's case it was accurate. A truly outstanding trumpet player who did not get the recognition he deserved.

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