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Teddy Wilson - Chonological Classics (1939)

The year of 1939 brought several changes for Teddy Wilson wich are documented with this CD. He had been recoding regulary under his name with outstanding small-groups, often including Billie Holiday, since 1935. This series of studio-sessions came to a halt although he continued to work as her pianist for Billie's own records. Teddy had also left Benny Goodman in April 1939 in order to launch his own Big Band which unfortunatly existed for less than one year.
Our 7th CD of Teddy Wilson's studio-recordings in chronological order includes all but the last couple of tracks that he made in 1939. The four solos that open the program belong to the little-known series made for the "Teddy Wilson School for Pianist". The remaining six sides are currently available on Classics 556. Billie Holiday's last vocals that appeared under Teddy's name include an excellent "More than You Know" with some sublime playing y the leader and the band. The remaining tracks present Teddy Wilson's short-lived Big Band. It premiered at New York's "Famous Door" in may 1939 but somehow never quite achieved a nation-waide break-through. "Jumpin' for Joy" shows that this orchestra was a good as its reputation ! Its vocalist Thelma Carpenter and Jean Eldridge were not of the same class as Billie Holiday but their singing was always delightful. "Early Session Hop", cut two weeks before Lionel Hampton's much better-known version or "Jumpin' on the Blacks and Whites", a feature for the leader's piano, are other fine examples for this unit's undeniable qualities ! To be continued...
Anatol Schenker, January 1991, from the booklet

Teddy Wilson
Chonological Classics
(Classics 571)


1 Coquette (Kahn, Lombardo, Green)  3:13
2 China Boy (Winfree, Boutelje)  1:47
3 Melody In F (Rubenstein)  2:58
4 When You And I Were Young, Maggie (Butterfield)  2:48
5 What Shall I Say ? (Tinturin)  3:06
6 It's Easy To Blame The Weather (Cahn, Chaplin)  3:00
7 More Than You Know (Rose, Eliscu, Youmans)  3:04
8 Sugar (Pinkard, Mitchell, Alexander)  2:45
9 Why Begin Again ? (unknown)  2:21
10 Jumpin' For Joy (Sampson, Wilson)  3:07
11 Booly-Ja-Ja (Harding, Wilson)  2:22
12 The Man I Love (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:24
13 Exactly Like You (Fields, McHugh)  2:56
14 Love Grows On The White Oak Tree (Todd)  2:46
15 This Is The Moment (Carpenter, Mundy, Wilson)  2:57
16 Early Session Hop (Wilson, Harding)  2:48
17 Lady Of Mystery (Wilson, Harding)  2:55
18 Jumpin' On The Blacks And Whites (Wilson, Harding)  3:00
19 Little Things That Mean So Much (Adamson, Wilson)  2:58
20 Hallelujah (Robin, Grey, Youmans)  2:36
21 Some Other Spring (Herzog, Wilson)  3:15


[# 1-4]
Teddy Wilson - p
Recorded in New York ; January 27, 1939
[# 5-8]
Billie Holiday - vc
Roy Eldridge - tp
Ernie Powell - cl & ts
Benny Carter - as & ts
Teddy Wilson - p
Danny Barker - g
Milton Hinton - b
Cozy Cole - dr
Recorded in New York ; January 30, 1939
[# 9-21]
Karl George - tp
Harold Baker - tp
Floyd Brady - tb
Pete Clark - cl, as & bs
Rudy Powell - cl & as
Ben Webster - ts
George Irish - ts
Teddy Wilson - p
Albert Casey - g
Al Hall - b
J.C. Heard - dr
Thelma Carpenter - vc [# 9-17]
Jan Eldridge - vc [# 18-21]
Buster Harding, Edgar Sampson - a [# 14-21]
Recorded in New York ; January May 10 [# 9], 1939 ; June 28 [# 10-13], 1939 ; July 26 [# 14-17], 1939 [# 14-17] ; & September 12 [# 18-21], 1939


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